How To Make This Trendy Bodysuit From An Old Dress

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior
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Today's up cycle project is a fun one! I saw this look on a few gal's online and thought we could try to recreate it from something that's already in our wardrobe!

I dug out this body-con dress that I got secondhand from a friend. It's very pretty, but has a few too many holes from all the years it's been worn.

Today, we're going to give it a new life!

Here's the dress we're starting with.

First, put it on inside out.

Make markings on the dress where you'd like the new neckline, armholes, and leg holes. Make sure to include a tail for the underpart of the bodysuit.

Cut along all of the markings made

I decided to make the sleeves into an additional accessory!

Using this bodysuit that I thrifted, which was too big for me...

...I cut off the clasps...

...and sewed them onto the tails of the body suit.

This method was easier than applying the clasps directly to the fabric. I found the clasps difficult to apply to such a thin fabric. If you're able to apply clasps, go for it!

If not, use this simple trick instead.

Finally, roll hem each of the raw edges to finish up the garment.

And voila!

This bodysuit is super customizable. As you can see, I decided to go for a high seam, but you can make it look just as you'd like! Make the sleeves as long or as short as you'd like or the change up the neckline.

Good luck on this up cycle project!

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