How To Make This Trendy Top From A Thrifted Dress

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior
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My friend gave me this dress she no longer wears, but it was just a little too small for me to comfortable wear out and about.

But that just means we have another fun up cycle project!

I've seen this cut of top on EVERYONE this last summer. So I decided that this would be the perfect project to try and recreate today.

It's super simple, but looks like it was purchased from a mainstream fashion brand.

Here's how do it...

This is the dress we're starting with.

First, crop the dress to the length you want your shirt to be, including length for the hem.

Cut the back panel off from the front at the side and shoulder seams.

Using the fabric from the bottom and front of the dress, create 4 triangles. The widest edge should be the length of the side seam of your back panel. The narrowest edge should be the length of the shoulder seam.

These are all the pieces you should have laid out so far.

Place two of the triangles ride-sides together and sew along all of the edges except for the narrowest.

Turn the triangles right-side-out through the narrowest open edge.

Attach the narrow edge of each triangle to each of the shoulder seams of the back panel.

This is how our project looks so far.

Bring the triangles across the back and attach the side seams.

If you have a serger, finish the seams off. Or use a cross stitch on your machine to prevent fraying and make the edges look nice.

This is how the project has been put together. Just flip the front two triangles forward.

And here is how it turned out! I ironed on a patch for additional decoration.

And here's the back.

Have fun wearing this project out and about!

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  • Nonni Nonni on Dec 02, 2021

    If you walked backwards this would be okay I guess. Other than that, I guess maybe the beach.

  • Stephanie Stephanie on Dec 11, 2021

    Just where would you wear this.