Make a Trendy Strappy DIY Crop Top From a Pair of Leggings

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90 Minutes

Love a thrifted revamp? So do I! I'm going to show you how to make a DIY crop top from a pair of leggings! That's right, and you don't need to go out and buy fabric, if you have a pair of old leggings on hand, then you're good to go for this DIY crop top tutorial. Also, you're going to love the back part of this easy DIY crop top. Keep on scrolling to learn more.

Tools and materials:

  • Leggings
  • Top
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Needle
Make a DIY crop top

Make the pattern

Turn your leggings inside out, remove the tag, and lay it out flat. 

How to make a DIY crop top

Next, take an existing crop top that you have to trace the pattern. Fold the crop top and lay the underarm of the crop top on the crotch area of the leggings, and the neck area will be placed on one of the legs of the leggings. Lay it out exactly as shown. 

Easy DIY crop top

Mark the underarm and the center of the neckline. 

Simple DIY crop top

Lower the underarm by one inch.

Sew a DIY crop top

Mark a point one inch above the neckline marking and 3 inches away from the fold. 

DIY crop top tutorial

Connect the top mark to the underarm mark.

Drop the midpoint of this line by about ½ an inch and make a mark. Then create a curved mark, as shown. 

Raise the neckline point for a higher neckline and curve it out to the shoulder point. 

Extend the underarm across the legging. Add a ½ an inch seam allowance around the whole pattern, and cut through both layers. 

Make the binding strips

Measure 1 ½ inch strips on the leg area with a ruler. 

You will need two strips equal to the neckline plus the length of the inner shoulder strap. The second will be equal to the remaining raw edge plus the length of the outer strap. To make the correct length, attach the strips together. 

Now, fold the edges towards the center and fold the strip in half. Then, press the folds in place. 

Add the binding

Here, I am demonstrating how to attach the binding with a piece of paper. Insert the raw edges in between the binding. You should have something like this with the binding on both sides. 

Go ahead and pin the binding to the raw edges and the neckline, as shown. 

The outer straps should overlap the inner straps slightly where they meet and then taper off, as shown in my example. 

Fill the neckline first before sewing the rest of the binding. 


When stitching, go slow and make sure to catch the binding on both sides. 

Stretch the binding slightly at the armhole area to prevent any puckering.

Then, continue to sew along the entire shoulder strap. 

Lastly, overlap the straps on the back and attach them to the top of the back bodice. Snip off any excess fabric. 

Your project is complete! As you can see, it's so easy to sew a DIY crop top, and even if you don't have any fabric on hand, you can upcycle a pair of leggings to achieve this stunning result! Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you enjoyed this DIY crop top tutorial! 

Suggested materials:
  • Leggings
  • Top
  • Ruler
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