Upcycle a Men’s Shirt Into This Amazing Shirt Dress

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Who doesn’t love a shirt dress? They are fun and trendy and the best part is, now you can make your own from nothing but two men’s shirts. I took two different shirts and transformed them into an amazing baggy shirt dress with gorgeous slits down the side. Follow my tutorial and learn the ins and outs of creating this incredible upcycle. This shirt dress is so versatile and can be dressed up or down! Follow this step-by-step guide and get started on making your own stunning shirt dress!

Tools and Materials:

  • Two men’s shirts
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pins
Upcycled men’s dress shirt

Upcycle men’s dress shirt to women’s dress

Before we get started, I wanted to talk a little bit about the shirts I would use in this amazing upcycle! First I chose a plain blue men’s shirt to become my shirt dress. I love an oversized look and this shirt is definitely oversized! Next, I chose this blue striped shirt to use for the added details on my dress. I thought it would be a great contrast and add so much to the look! 

Measure yourself

Measure your desired length

I started by measuring how long I wanted the shirt dress to be. I knew I definitely wanted to have gorgeous deep slits on the sides so I thought I’d make it a bit longer rather than shorter. 

Make a marking

Next, I thought about where I would want to add in the extra material. I decided I would just add a stripe in the middle but you can definitely add it onto the bottom as well! 

Cut the shirt

Cut the shirt

In this step, I used a ruler to draw a straight line under my pins and the cut across that line. A great tip when working with shirts is to make sure you cut in the middle of two buttons and not to close to a button. 

Upcycled men’s shirt

Next, I marked 11 inches on my striped shirt. I cut across my markings and had a gorgeous strip of fabric ready. 

Clip the edges

Clip the edges together

I placed the striped piece over the other fabric, right sides together and I clipped the edges. 

Take in the side seam

I purposefully didn’t clip the side seams together in case they didn't match up. It’s important to take in whichever side seam is bigger and get it to the size of the smaller seam. 

Sew the edges

Sew the edges together

I then sewed the clipped edges together. I repeated the step on the second half of the shirt and made sure to surge the bottom and the inside where I had previously sewed. This gives the shirt a perfect finish and prevents any fraying! 

Try on the dress

Try it on

I just adore how this dress looks so far! I tried it on to make sure I was happy with the length and also checked that all the buttons lined up. 

Add a stitch

Add a stitch

I then added a top stitch over the regular blue shirt to hold things in place and keep everything neat and secure. 

Make the slit

Create the slits

I tried my shirt dress on again and pinned exactly where I wanted the slit to go up until. I used a seam ripper to create the perfect slit on this adorable dress. 

Hem the slit

I then folded the back edge of my slit and sewed it down. 

Cut the bottom

Add the finishing touches

On the other side of the slit, I cut from the slit to the front of the shirt at a curve. I then double folded the bottom, raw edge and sewed a rolled hem. 

Easy men’s shirt upcycle

I am so in love with this baggy shirt dress! Where would you add the extra material? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Suggested materials:
  • Men's shirts
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
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  • Shuganne Shuganne on Sep 07, 2021

    I really like this! I watched it on YouTube but I'm commenting here. On YouTube I could really see the back of the shirt dress and it looked like it had a straight hem. If it does, I'm wondering if you wouldn't want to give it a curved hem, like the front, but at the back's current length. I'm with you on wanting to know I'm modest back there.

    Als, just a thought since you have so much extra cloth,what about making the striped shirt into two (or three?) separate stripes? One could substitute for the waistline and maybe one just below the shirt pocket - - or use both pockets, one below the other, just to look unique? It's fun watching you - you have great ideas, and your tastes are funky and are beyond the "teenage body-baring" styles I see so much of on Upstyle. I pick up good sewing and tailoring tips from all of you, so I watch everyone.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Ginny Ginny on Sep 07, 2021

    Very cute idea, but I would not make it a hi-lo dress. I'd bring the back hem up with a curved hem. Just not a fan of hi-lo hems.