Make Your Own Pattern and Babydoll Dress

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I wanted to show you guys how to sew a babydoll dress and while it may not be the right weather for babydoll dresses right now, I figure it’s always summer somewhere. So, if you are from the southern hemisphere and experiencing some nice warm weather right now, shout out to you! And if you’re not and just want to make this dress anyways, shout out to you too!

Tools and materials:

  • Two yards of fabric
  • Two yards of lining fabric
  • Tanktop
  • Elastic
  • Decorative elastic
  • Pattern paper
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread and needle
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
Women’s babydoll dress

Create your pattern

Start with a tank top and create a v-neck. The back should be slightly rounded and hit below the armhole. On the front, left the top layer two inches. 

DIY babydoll dress

Copy the waistline from the shirt on to the second piece of paper for the skirt. Make sure the width and side seams match up on the front and back. You will need two sets, one for the top layer and one for the lining. Cut the lining pattern out and into equal strips, making sure both sides are symmetrical. Tape both halves together. Spread the strips and trace them for the lining pattern. Next, take the skirt pattern and cut it out and both strips in half, taping them to your pattern paper. Leave some room between each half. Trace around your skirt for the pattern. In the end, you should have two patterns for the skirt, with the lining one being slightly smaller. (Feel free to adjust the length of the lining so it can’t be seen underneath the skirt.) Once your pattern is done, use it to cut out your lining and fabric. (This is best explained in the video).

Sew a babydoll dress

Create the top 

Place the top of your dress and the top of the lining together, right sides together. Align the edges and sew the pieces together by the neck. Next, snip into the lining (by the neck) to give the fabric some ease and to ensure that it lays flat on your body. Pin the excess fabric to the lining and sew it down. Make sure the stitches do not show up on the top fabric. Repeat this same process on the back and then attach the front and back pieces together. 

Easy babydoll dress

Make the skirt

For the skirt, we are going to start with sewing the top layer (separate from the lining). While sewing, gather the top layer so that the waist is equal to that of the lining. I am using a thread and needle and hand sewing wide stitches along the waist. Next, sew both halves of the lining together and then stick it inside the skirt. Make sure to match the center point of the lining with the center point of the skirt. Once aligned, pin both pieces together. 

Basic babydoll dress

Attach the bodice 

Turn the skirt inside out so that the lining is out. Then, take the top of the dress and place it into the skirt, right sides together. The shirt should be upside down in the skirt so that the bottom of the top can align with the seams of the skirt. Pin the top in place and then sew the two pieces together. 

Make a babydoll dress

Add elastic 

Measure out a piece of elastic and pin it around the armholes. Do the same with the bottom of the dress. When sewing, first sew the elastic in place, then flip the elastic to the wrong side and sew close to the edge. 

How to sew a babydoll dress

Finish the dress 

Using a zigzag stitch, hem the lining of the dress. Next, fold over once and secure with a straight stitch. 

How to make a babydoll dress

To create the casing, turn your dress inside out and hem the lining by the top of the dress. Pin to secure. Next, turn the dress right side out and sew with the right side facing out. Leave a small gap in the casing and insert the elastic. Do this by attaching a safety pin to the elastic and bunching the fabric around it to weave it through the dress. Once your elastic has gone all the way around, sew the edges together and close the gap. For your final touch, hand stitch your shoulder seam to the lining for a clean finish! 

Finished babydoll dress

Finished and layered babydoll dress

There it is, my DIY babydoll dress. I styled it in a couple of different ways to try and give you guys some inspiration. I know this is traditionally more of a summer style, but I thought a little layering might make it spring or even fall appropriate! 

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric
  • Tank top
  • Elastic
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