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You can never have too many dresses! I decided to add one more to my collection and it has definitely become a favorite! This off the shoulder dress is absolutely gorgeous and it was so easy to make! I decided to add two stunning details to this piece and the slit and elastic sleeves definitely add to the look. If you want to learn how to make this absolute stunner of a dress, my tutorial is just what you need. Follow my easy, step-by-step guide and get started on this DIY.

Tools and materials:

  • A long dress
  • 2.5 meters of non-stretch fabric
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Elastic band
  • Chalk
  • Tape measure
  • Sewing machine
Use a dress as a pattern
Cut the fabric

To get started on this DIY dress, Place a long dress you already have on a single piece of fabric. I decided to use a gorgeous floral chiffon piece of fabric but any non-stretch fabric will work. 

Cold shoulder maxi dress

Use this piece and pin it, right sides together to another piece of fabric. This way you can cut out the second piece of fabric for your new dress. 

Measure the neckline
Make a V neck

Fold the front piece in half, right sides together. Then measure on yourself where you want the V neck to end. Use this measurement to mark your fabric. I marked 8 inches down with a width of 2.5 inches. Once you have your markings, cut your new neckline. 

Place the front and back together
Pin the dress together

Place the front and back pieces, right sides together, and pin the dress. Then make sure to measure on yourself where you want the slit to begin on your new dress. Pin one side up until the slit. 

Cold shoulder summer dress
Make the sleeves

To make the sleeves for the gorgeous dress, fold a piece of fabric, right sides together. Using your arm measurements, mark the amount of fabric you will need. Add 10 inches to the width and 2 inches to the length of your arm measurement. 

Women’s cold shoulder dress

Place the sleeve next to the dress and trace the armhole.

Cut along the marked line

Next, take your sleeve and cut along your marked line to get the perfect armhole. 

Measure your wrist

In this next step, use your measuring tape to measure your wrist. 

Cut the sleeve to size

Double your wrist measurement and mark your sleeve. Then cut the sleeve using this measurement. 

Attach the sleeve

Measure 5 inches and draw a straight line and then cut from the fold. Use this sleeve to cut the second one and then pin the sides. Sew both sleeves and the dress with a zig-zag stitch. To learn how to create the cold shoulder sleeve, watch my tutorial

Hem the dress
Hem the dress

To hem the dress and the slit, double roll the fabric and sew, Do the same with the V neck using either a zig-zag stitch or straight stitch. 

DIY cold shoulder dress
Add elastic to the sleeve

To add the elastic to the sleeve, make sure to create a channel at the end of your sleeve for the elastic. Leave a gap to slip the elastic through. 

Use a safety pin

Use a safety pin to thread the elastic through the channel. Once it's all the way through, sew the ends together, and don't forget to sew closed the gap you had left. 

How to make a cold shoulder dress

I am totally obsessed with this dress! How would you style this amazing piece? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Long dress
  • Non-stretch fabric
  • Pins
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