Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles for Thin Hair

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In this video, hair inspiration platform Fashionistas recognise the struggle of finding hairstyles that suit fine hair without making it appear even thinner.

They share some cute claw clip hairstyles ideas for ladies with thin hair. So, if you struggle with thin hair, be sure to stick around! This video is for you.

First off, Fashionistas suggest using claw clips as a solution to keep thin hair away from the face, noting that they are easy to use and don't cause damage.

Claw clips not only keep the hair in place but also add a touch of glamor, elevating any outfit from ordinary to effortlessly chic.

For those new to claw clips, Fashionistas provides tips, including starting with clean, dry hair for better grip, opting for smaller clips to prevent slipping, sectioning the hair for volume, experimenting with different styles like beachy waves, and embracing various colors, sizes, and materials for accessorizing.

Claw clip

Despite the belief that thin hair limits hairstyle options, Fashionistas encourage viewers to be creative and highlight how claw clips can achieve a range of looks.

They acknowledge the challenge of hair clips sliding down for those with fine hair and recommend choosing smaller, lightweight claw clips that offer extra grip without causing discomfort.

They mention the resurgence of claw clips in recent years and their popularity on social media. Claw clips are praised for their sleek design, versatility across different hairlines and textures, and their ability to create easy updos for any hair length.

The video concludes by expressing gratitude to the viewers and wishing them a great hair day!

Claw clip hairstyles for thin hair

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  • Lauren Lauren on Jul 22, 2023

    Gave me some more ideas. Actually my hair isn’t fine, it’s what’s known as silky. But summer breezes mean it flies into my face and into my lipstick. So I started buying claw clips online at a company called TEMU. At their prices I figured everything would be junk. SURPRISE - it wasn’t. Very good quality with lots of faux stones and beautiful designs. I have about 14 of them and I’m getting more. However my hair is so thick I sometimes have trouble getting the clip to hold it all. But it usually works and my hair is up for the summer.