How to Do Easy DIY Gel Nail Art in Fiery Orange, Yellow & Black

4 Materials
30 Minutes

This easy DIY gel nail art tutorial will show you how to create a gel nail design in orange, yellow, and black – perfect for Halloween. However, this gel nail art idea can be modified with lots of different colors for lots of different occasions. Give it a try and have some fun!

Tools and materials:

  • Gel nail polish in orange, yellow, and black (or colors of your choice)
  • Gel top coat
  • Nail file
  • Nail dotting tool
Applying orange gel nail polish

1. Apply the first coat of polish

With long nails, filed to a point, apply orange gel nail polish to the bottom quarter of your nails (the section starting at your nail bed).

Applying yellow gel nail polish

Add yellow polish next, in a section almost but not quite as wide as the orange.

Applying black gel nail polish

Apply black polish from above the yellow to the tips of your nails.

If you like candy corn, you might be getting a craving about now!

Colorful DIY gel manicure

2. Apply a second coat of orange polish

Now apply a second coat of orange in the same location as the first coat. If the yellow polish has dripped into the orange, then you’ll be able to cover the drips with this second coat of orange.

Gel nail art ideas

3. Create the streak design

Use a nail polish dotting tool, with no polish on it, to pull streaks of the wet orange polish through the yellow and into the black polish.

Clean the tip of the dotting tool between each streak so you don’t transfer the yellow and black polish onto the next streak.

Gel polish nail art techniques

Start with 3 or 4 equally spaced streaks and then go back and add another streak in between each of the previous streaks. That way, you’ll end up with lots of streaks, all equally spaced.

Gel nail designs orange, yellow, and black

You might find it easiest to do the nails on your four fingers first, and then do your thumb nail. 

Applying a clear top coat to nails

4. Finish with a top coat

Let the polish dry and then apply a top coat to your nails.

Easy DIY gel nail art

Easy DIY gel nail art tutorial

Here’s the final look. Candy corn? Fire? What do you think it looks like? This could be a great look for Halloween, or you could change up the colors to suit any holiday or special theme! Which color combo would you try?

Give it a try and let me know in the comments how you liked this gel polish nail art technique.

Suggested materials:
  • Gel nail polish in orange, yellow, and black (or colors of your choice
  • Gel top coat
  • Nail file
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