Easy Side Braid Fall Hairstyle Tutorial

by Laineymariebeauty
1 Material
5 Minutes

Hey everyone! Today, I want to show you a quick, 3 strand wrapped side braid updo. This braid is so cool looking and it's easy too!

With a few practices, you'll have the hang of it in no time. This is an easy fall hairstyle to try out. Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • 1 clear elastic or hair tie of your choice
Making a regular braid

1. Make a regular braid

Divide your hair into three equal sections. 

The first part will be like a regular braid. Take the inside section (the one closest to your neck) and cross it over the middle strand. 


Then take an outside section and cross it to the middle.


2. Slice the inner section and wrap

If this seems tricky, see the video 0:30- 0:40.

Now for the fun part! Take the strand closest to your neck and split it in half.

Wrapping hair

Then wrap it around all the rest of the hair, going around and then under.

Wrapping hair

Next, add the small part back into the inner section of hair, then cross the inside section over the middle section.

Wrapping hair

3. Slice the outer section and wrap

Now do the same process with the outer section of hair–take off a small strand of hair, then wrap it around the front of all the rest of the hair.

Wrapping hair

Then add it back into the outer section.

Wrapping hair

Then cross the whole, outer section over the middle section.

Wrapping hair

4. Repeat

Now repeat the process, switching off between the inner and outer sections of the braid. Continue this braid as far as you can go, then tie it off with a clear elastic.

Wrapping hair

At this point in our side braid tutorial, the braid looks kind of like a mummy, and that’s not the look we’re going for! 

Wrapped braid

5. Volumize the side braid updo

“Pancake” the larger sections woven by the skinny section by pulling it out gently.

Volumizing the side braid updo

Continue to pinch each wrapped section and pull all the way down the braid. 

Volumizing the side braid updo

That final step makes the side braid updo really unique.

Completed side braid updo

Completed side braid updo

Easy fall hairstyle

After practicing a bit, you’ll be a pro at this easy fall hairstyle. People will definitely ask you how you achieved this side braid updo.

Share your results in the comments below. For more hairstyle ideas, check out my post on 4 Cute and Easy 60-second Hairstyles.

Suggested materials:
  • 1 clear elastic or hair tie of your choice

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