Easy Five Minute Up-do

Melissa Radford
by Melissa Radford
5 Minutes

You might be looking for an easy up-do hairstyle now that the holiday season is beginning to start. Here's a style that I sometimes throw together after work to have a quick way to change looks before heading out to an evening event. It's simple but elegant and can be polished up with a bit of product or some bobby pins, but actually only requires two hair elastics! Let's get started.

Gather the top half of your hair up at the back of your scalp. It will end up looking best if you use a comb to section off the hair so that the lines are even on both sides, but you can also just do it by hand if you're in a rush. Secure this portion with a hair elastic.

Now that your top pony is in place, put your finger through the centre of this ponytail and wrap the ends upwards and through the part that you have just made. You will do a complete 360 degree rotation of your hair through itself.

Now you should have the top half of you hair in a wrapped through ponytail which creates this rolled effect.

Next, take your remaining hair and gather it into a ponytail overtop of the first section, but do not include any hair from the first section in the ponytail. Secure this section with a hair elastic.

This part might take a bit of practice your first try, so make sure to trial this style a few times before wearing it out. Like you did for the first ponytail, take your finger and part the hair above the ponytail in half. This creates an opening. Take this parted section and rotate it 180 degrees. Then pull the hair in the ponytail from the top half of your head through the twisted and parted section.

This will be your final look. Add styling products such as gel or hairspray to secure any flyaways or loose hairs. Bobby pins would also be great for secure the bottom pieces near your neckline. In this tutorial I didn't use anything other than the two hair elastics but definitely could have polished it off further. To elevate this hairstyle even more, I would suggest curling your ends to add volume and bounce to the look.

Let me know if you would like to see a video version of this tutorial and I'll share it on  TikTok where I have many other styling videos. Make sure to follow me on instagram  @melissaradford for more styling tips!

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