Easy Trick for Fixing Your Double Braids!

Ayse Acun
by Ayse Acun
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10 Minutes

If you struggle with your pigtails looking awkward, try out this hack to get cute-looking braided pigtails every single time. Let’s get into it!

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Tools and materials:

  • Hair ties
Sectioning hair

1. Section your hair

Start with a middle part. Section one half of your hair into three sections. 

Twisting hair

2. Twist the top two sections

Instead of starting a braid, twist the top two sections around each other twice.

Adding third section

3. Add the third section 

Introduce the third section into the middle of the two twisted sections.

Braiding hair

4. Braid down 

Braid all of the way down and tie it off.

Adding volume to braids

5. Add volume to the braids

Pinch and pull at the sides of the braid to thicken and add volume.

Repeat on the other side.

Cute double braid hairstyle

Easy trick for fixing your double braids!

Here’s the finished look! This hack is a great way to get consistent and neat braids every time.

Comment down below and let me know how you like this trick compared to doing your braids the regular way. 

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair ties

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