Easy Zipper Pouch Sewing Tutorial: Fun Gift for Friends or Yourself!

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I love pouches! You can use them for virtually anything: makeup, stationery, travel toiletries... If you’re looking for an easy zipper pouch sewing tutorial, this DIY zipper pouch is perfect for you! They also make great gifts. Let me show you how to make a zipper pouch quickly and easily.

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric: exterior and lining
  • 7-inch zipper
  • Sewing machine
  • Zipper foot
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread
Materials for the DIY zipper pouch

1. Prepare all the supplies

Cut 2 pieces of both the exterior and lining fabric. You should have 4 pieces of fabric. Each piece should be 8 X 6 inches.

Placing the zipper on the fabric

2. Pin the pouch pieces together

Place the zipper facing up and the right side on the exterior fabric on it. Pin the zipper in place.

Sandwiching the zipper between the fabric

Flip the piece over. Then place the lining fabric right side down on top, sandwiching the zipper. Pin in place,

How to sew a zipper

3. Sew the DIY zipper pouch

Stitch the top, sewing the 3 layers together. Sew the zipper with the zipper foot.

When you start, open the zipper halfway and start stitching. When you get the midway point, zip the zipper back up and finishing stitching to the end.

Easy-sew zipper pouch

Lay the piece with the zipper facing up. Place the exterior fabric right at the very edge. Pin to secure.

Pinning the lining ready to sew

Flip the piece over and place the lining over, so they are right sides together also right at the very edge where the zipper is. Pin on this side as well. Stitch into place.

How to make a zipper pouch

Pin the top of the zipper on the exterior fabric. Topstitch either side of the zipper.

Pinning the exterior and lining fabrics

Slightly open the zipper. Lay the exterior fabric and lining right sides together and pin both in place. 

Pinning and sewing a DIY zipper pouch

Leave a 1½-inch space in the lining unsewn so you’ll be able to flip it inside out. Use a straight stitch, leaving a ¼-inch seam allowance.

Trimming the corners of the seam allowance

4. Finish the pouch

Trim the corners of the seam allowance. Turn the pouch inside out. Use the point of the scissors to push the pouch corners out sharply. 

Turning the fabric of the zipper pouch

Hand-sew the lining opening closed. Place the lining inside the pouch.

Easy zipper pouch sewing tutorial

Easy zipper pouch sewing tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to sew a zipper pouch. Let me know in the comments how many you made and what you use them for! I love hearing from you!

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric: exterior and lining
  • 7-inch zipper
  • Sewing machine
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