How to Prepare Your Wardrobe for Autumn

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

It's almost here... the time of pumpkin spice and toffee apples, ghosts, ghouls and Gilmore Girls. Autumn is almost upon us and I couldn't be more excited!

The start of a transitional season is an excellent opportunity to take stock of what is in your wardrobe, what you don't love anymore and can give away or sell, and anything you need to buy. Oh, and you can have a little spring clean while you're in there too, but that's the boring bit.

Look for any pieces in your wardrobe that you haven't been able to wear because you're lacking something else. For instance, it might be that you need a specific type of bra to wear with a certain neckline, or in this instance, I needed a black slip to wear under this sheer dress from Vinted. The one that came with it and that I'm wearing in this picture was too small and uncomfortable.

How much do you love the item? Enough to spend money on something else so that you can 'unlock' it and actually wear it? Now is the time to make the decision to either buy that extra item, or get rid of the one you haven't been able to wear.

You don't have to conduct all of your research from the dark depths of your closet - have a look at your social media photos too. The camera is a great way to work out what pieces you like best and make you feel like you. When I saw the above photo, I thought for a minute that I didn't really like how this skirt looked on me, but it turned out I was just styling it wrong - the tight knit skirt looks much better with an oversized jumper to balance it out. However, I did realise that I am not a fan of those lacy tights that were having a 'moment' at the time, so I decided to get rid.

It's important to prepare not just your overall wardrobe for a new season, but the actual individual clothing items too. Some pieces will need sending to the dry cleaner, like this trench coat from Burberry, (similar linked) before you can wear them again. Other pieces may have been in storage and you may need to give them a quick wash at home, even though you (hopefully!) washed it before you put it away for those months - they can just smell a bit musty if they've been out of sight all that time.

While you're in this process, you should come across quite a few pieces that you adore and wear all the time. Don't just leave them to one side because you know you're going to keep them - take the time to bring them out, look at them properly, touch them and see what they all have in common.

I adore the coats in my wardrobe such as this Santinni Couture 'A Place in the Sun' coat. (I ordered it in bespoke black.) When I look at them all, I can see that they are all neutral colours, except for 1 dark green one but that still goes with everything in my wardrobe, and they are all made from luxurious natural materials like wool and cashmere.

Learn from these items and bear your preferences in mind when shopping in the future. A good rule as well is to only add something to your wardrobe if you try it on and immediately rate it a 10/10.

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