How to Put the Perfect Fall Look Together

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

Now that Fall is in full swing that means lot of fun fashion and cute accessories to go with the new season! Here are the steps I follow to put a perfect Fall look together.

First step is to find a pair of jeans that are comfortable and look good with many different outfits. For the Fall season I tend to shy away from jeans that are distressed because it gets so cold here in NY and I want to be warm and also cute. I still favor a pair of skinny jeans because they pair so nicely with boot or booties.

Next step is to find a top that pairs well nicely with your jeans. Most jeans pair nicely with any kind or color top but there are always a few exceptions. Great colors for Fall tops are black, gray, tan, white, any earth tone, lilac or deep purple.

Lastly, its all about the shoes and accessories. Boots and booties are my favorite type of shoes to wear in Fall. Its a nice change of pace from sandals and high heels. Once you have a pair of boots or booties, now all you need is a neutral or print crossbody and a hat! Wide brim hats are always a favorite for Fall!

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