How to Look Polished and Put Together at Work

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to look polished and put together in your workplace with some casual yet stylish office outfit ideas.

Let me show you the outfits I’ve styled for you!

Wide-leg pants outfit

1. Wide-leg pants outfit

It's easier to start building my outfits by choosing one key piece to build my outfit around.

Some people get overwhelmed by thinking that they have to choose a lot of standout pieces to style a winning outfit.

However, I find that for everyday outfits, it's easier to choose one key piece that is a staple and a basic piece and build your outfit around that.

In this outfit, my key piece is these timeless pleated wide-leg pants that have a very simple design but a beautiful fit and are made from a dense silk fabric. 

Wide-leg pants outfit

Another great tip if you want to look very elegant and elevate your outfit is to go monochrome.

I chose this white off-the-shoulder top that has a different fabric to play a little bit with the silhouette and make it more interesting.

An all-white outfit like this one looks very sophisticated and makes me feel very put together.

Wide-leg pants outfit

For accessories, I went for a textured handbag and a messy ponytail to tone down the outfit a little bit.

I’m also wearing my tan slingback pointy shoes and sunglasses.

Striped shirt outfit

2. Striped shirt outfit

I built the next outfit around a beautiful striped silk shirt.

If you like the old money trend that has been going around for a while, you need a piece like this in your closet. It is truly versatile and can easily go from casual to very elegant.

Striped shirt outfit

For this outfit, I wanted to create a more relaxed vibe that still has a business casual feel, so I went with a white denim midi skirt.

Again, mixing two different fabrics like this looks great, and it's a super easy way of making your outfits feel more relaxed without losing the stylish element.

I used a slim tan belt and the same shoes as I did before, and I love that these look like heels, but they are not that tall at all, so you can really feel comfortable and walk around.

Silk skirt outfit

3. Silk skirt outfit

For the final look, I went a little bit more edgy, and this is great if you work in an office that lets you play a little more with your style.

The key piece here is the black midi silk skirt that hugs my curves like a glove, and the slit on the side is such a nice detail.

Silk skirt outfit

Again, I went for a monochromatic look, but this time, all black, which gives such a different vibe from the white. I used the same technique as I did before - mixing a very different fabric, here a knit top, to make it more playful.

I also added cowboy boots. Midi skirts with boots are my favorite at the moment. They make me feel so stylish and comfortable at the same time.

How to look polished and put together

Remember that having versatile, key items in your closet makes building outfits for different occasions so much easier.

Also, going for premium fabric such as silk will elevate your look without trying too hard to look elegant.

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