Easy Ways to Look Put-Together All the Time

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

We all want to look polished and put-together all the time. It sounds easy enough but life gets in the way and we find ourselves spending whole days in our dressing gowns, eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream from the carton and scrolling on our phones with reruns of Friends in the background, laughing before we hear the punchline because we know the show so well. It's nice every now and then, but if we do it all the time it becomes the very opposite of chic!

Here are a few quick and easy tricks you can put into practice to look more put-together every day.

Fill your closet with Goldilocks bags - not too big, not too small, but juuuuuuust right. I love a crossbody for practicality and style, especially if they are big enough to hold an umbrella and an extra pair of shoes. You don't need to go crazy - a bag that's too oversized can be cumbersome and you won't look stylish on city breaks or in the office with one of those. A decent medium-sized crossbody is enough for all the essentials plus a little extra just in case.

To help you choose, take the biggest item you're likely to need regularly with you when shopping for a bag, and test if it fits inside before you buy.

I did just that with these gold block heels from Primark (similar linked). I ordered my orange Paul Costelloe bag online (similar linked) and only decided to keep it after I knew that these comfy yet stylish heels would fit inside it, so I could walk around London in flats and quickly change into heels before heading into the Ritz Hotel for afternoon tea with my friend Milly.

Sometimes you just want to wear trainers, but there are definitely ways of making them stylish. (Some people are trainer/sneaker-lovers anyway, but if you're following me you're probably more of a slides, ballet pumps or heels girl.)

First, choose your trainers (or sneakers if you're in the USA) carefully. I love heading to TKMaxx for mine as they do great discounts on big brands and they have a large range of colours and styles. Choose a pair of leather trainers rather than running shoes and it will instantly make your casual outfit look more polished.

Another clever tip is to remember the sandwich rule: one colour at the top, another in the middle and then bring that top colour back in at the bottom of your outfit. The most classic way to do this is by matching your top to your shoes but you can do it in other ways too, for instance matching the white pocket of this straw bag from M&S to your white trainers, or even by matching your earrings or your lipstick to something lower down in your outfit.

Shop on secondhand websites like Depop, Vinted and Vestiaire, or in charity shops, to find unique pieces that not everyone is wearing. Zara is great but the high street near me is starting to look like a carousel - everyone's wearing the same thing!

I'm a huge fan of Ted Baker but not such a huge fan of their prices. You can find amazing deals on barely-worn Ted Baker dresses on Vinted, and of course other premium brands too.

Also shop small businesses for even more unique accessories or clothing, all the while knowing you're supporting a small company rather than a giant conglomerate. I got this bow from She's Parisian and it adds a cute, cottagecore touch to my Spring outfits every year. It's always nice to add a little something unexpected, and a statement accessory like this can make you look like you've spent ages on your hair when really all you did was clip it back with a nice bow.

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