4 Fashion Rules to Look Polished and Put Together

Silvana Patrick
by Silvana Patrick
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Today, we’re going to talk about fashion rules.

I know that many people don't like the word ‘rule,’ myself included, but I think they are the foundation you have to start with.

When you master the basic rules, you can then become more creative and free with your own style.

Outfit example

Rule 1: Every outfit should finish at the smallest part of your body

In this outfit, I'm wearing a high-rise culotte, and it's really cinching my waist. It's falling right at the smallest part of my upper body, which is my waist.

It’s also finishing at the smallest part of my legs, which are my calves. This creates an elongated figure.

Wearing heels that show your toes also helps to give a slimming appearance.

All in all, this outfit has an excellent visual balance.

Outfit example

This outfit is an example of something that does not have a slimming effect.

It’s similar to the first look, but the pants are low-rise, which means that they cut my body in a different place. They fall on my hips and make me look wider.

I’m also not wearing high heels, only kitten heels, which make my legs look shorter.

Outfit example

Rule 2: Wear darker colors at your biggest part

Now I'm wearing something a little bit shorter. These shorts finish at the widest part of my legs, which is not a flattering length for me at all.

Also, because I have wider hips, I should avoid white at the bottom. You want to wear darker colors on the biggest part of your body as this will help to conceal it.

Outfit example

Here, I have swapped colors, so I’m wearing dark at the bottom now.

These shorts are also slightly longer, which means they skip my hips and fall right below the knee.

Outfit example

Rule 3: Get the right length

Following on from before, one thing to avoid if you're not too tall is to avoid cropped jeans or pants or midi skirts, especially if you’re wearing them with flats. This will make your legs way shorter.

To make things worse, I'm wearing this double-breasted blazer, which makes my torso bigger because it's a square shape and doesn't highlight my waist.

Also, because it's longer, it makes my torso look long and my legs look short.

Outfit example

Here, I’m wearing a more fitted blazer with longer pants, which creates more visual balance.

I can get away with the long length of the jacket because I’m wearing longer pants and high heels.

Outfit example

If you are short, go with a shorter jacket, as this will shorten your torso and make your legs appear longer.

Outfit example

Wide-leg pants are great for deemphasizing your thighs if you have large thighs.

Outfit example

Rule 4: Get the right fit

The big pattern on this dress amplifies my size. The fabric also isn’t right - it’s too stiff, which means it doesn’t follow my curves and it adds bulk.

Outfit example

This dress is also quite shapeless, but I added a belt to cinch my waist, and it makes a huge difference by adding structure and highlighting your curves.

Fashion rules

Wearing the right clothes will mean that you highlight your assets and camouflage your flaws. Your outfit will look balanced, and you will look and feel beautiful!

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