Revamping My Fall Wardrobe With Amazon

Grace Ginex
by Grace Ginex
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Let’s talk about fall workwear.

I worked in a corporate office for eight years where the dress code was business casual, so I definitely know what you can wear and what you can’t.

Here, I’m going to show you some outfits that are super stylish and appropriate for your workplace.

Floral dress

1. Floral dress

The colors in this dress are perfect for fall, and you can also carry it into spring and summer as well.

I also really like the length of the dress.

Trench dress

2. Trench dress

This trench dress in suede material is so cute.

When it gets colder, you could wear a long-sleeve bodysuit underneath it. I think black, tan, or dark brown would look really good.

Knit two-piece

3. Knit two-piece

This looks like a dress, but it is actually a two-piece set in the perfect knit material, and it’s great for a cooler fall day.

You can have the sweater tucked into the skirt or leave it open. I paired it with knee-high boots, but you could also go with booties or mules.

Tweed vest

4. Tweed vest

I was so excited when I found this tweed vest, it is just absolute perfection. I love the cute gold buttons.

I paired it with black jeans, but you could do dress pants, too.

For footwear, I’m wearing Chanel-style two-tone flats.

Tiered dress

5. Tiered dress

The different tiers on this dress have adorable ruffles on top, and the arms cinch in twice, which I really like.

I paired the dress with black heels.

Striped dress

6. Striped dress

I really like the trend of long dresses with tall boots, so I had to put together one of those outfits.

The crossover belt on this dress is very flattering and cinches everything in. It has a v-shaped neckline but nothing too deep.

Revamping my fall wardrobe with Amazon

There, we have six stylish outfits that are all great for wearing to work this fall.

Let me know which outfit you like the best in the comments below!

You can find the dresses on my Amazon storefront in my August or workwear list: whatgracebought's Amazon Page

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