What Should I Have in My Fall Wardrobe? Read This Guide to Find Out

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova

What should I have in my fall wardrobe? In this style guide, we're going to be talking all about what you need in a fall base wardrobe. Keep reading to find out about the fall wardrobe essentials you need this season.

Plain white and black t-shirt for fall

1. Plain t-shirts

We're going to start with something straightforward: the plain t-shirt. This is an absolute must-have for a base wardrobe. I recommend having one in white and one in black. The t-shirts should be loose-fitting and made from thick and heavy cotton.

I personally like t-shirts with drop shoulders. When wearing your white tee, remember that if you wear makeup regularly, you need to be careful when putting the top on and taking it off because the neckline can get dirty easily. 

Black turtleneck with leather trousers

2. Black turtleneck

The next thing you need in your base wardrobe is a black turtleneck. A black turtleneck is the perfect piece for layering, and you can also throw it on with some jeans if you don't want to think too much.

When choosing a turtleneck, you want something made from more natural fabrics, preferably rayon or silk. Also, make sure that it isn't too tight and doesn't make your skin itch. As the top comes in contact directly with your skin, comfort is crucial. 

Lowrise and midrise jeans for fall 2021

3. Jeans

Moving from the top to the bottoms, this year we have a comeback of lowrise and midrise jeans. They can look extra hip, but they don't look good on everybody. I prefer more high-waisted jeans, which are still relevant and on-trend.

Choosing jeans that flatter your body type

So if you're looking for jeans, look for a pair that complements your body type. 

Leather pants for fall 2021

4. Leather pants 

You can go for genuine or faux leather here. For me, they are an absolute must-have for fall and winter. They can look more elegant than jeans and create a sophisticated look, but you can dress them down pretty casually as well. 

Leather-on-leather look for fall

Go for a full-on leather look by styling them with a leather blazer.

Pleated pants are on-trend for fall 2021

5. Pleated pants

Classic pleated pants are an essential that you cannot skip. Midrise pants are in, but if you're like me and you're more into high-waisted pants, then you'll be just fine. 

Black pleated pants for a fall wardrobe

I prefer black, but these pants don't have to be in black; they can be in any neutral color that goes well with the rest of your wardrobe.

Blazer styles for fall

6. Blazer

When you put together a fall capsule wardrobe, you can't miss a classic blazer. I have a bit of a blazer addiction. If I could wear only one garment for the rest of my life, it would definitely be an oversized blazer. They go well with so many different things. 

Styling an oversized gray blazer

I have a bunch of blazers in different colors and sizes, which allows me to create different vibes with my outfits. Check out your local thrift store and see what cool finds you can dig up.

Leather coats, jackets, and blazers

7. Leather coat or jacket

The next must-have thing on my list is a leather coat or jacket. Here, it all depends on your personal preferences. You can go for a classic motorbike jacket or if you want something more trendy, you can opt for an oversized style. 

Leather coat outfit for fall

A leather jacket is a totally multi-purpose piece; you can style it in a way that is sophisticated and elegant, or grungy.

How to style a classic trend coat for fall

8. Trench coat

Next up, we have a trench coat, but you don't need to stick to the classic Burberry-style beige ones. I've been into light green ones recently, but really, you can go for whatever color you want.

The trench coat is a classic fall piece that is great for layering and perfect for rainy fall days. 

Monochrome-style trend coats

When choosing a trench coat, remember to go for something well fitted. 

How to choose bags for a fall wardrobe

9. Bags

Now, onto accessories. For a fall base wardrobe, you need to have at least two bags: one small, everyday one and one big one that can fit all your necessities.

Extra oversized totes for fall 2021

Extra oversized totes are a hit of the season right now. They look a little extra, and I love them. 

Fabric totes for fall 2021

I like fabric totes, but you can also pick up something trendy like a nylon version.

Casual sneakers for fall

10. Shoes

You can have as many shoes as you want, but if we're talking about just the basics here, you really need to have one pair of classic chunky boots and one pair of casual sneakers. 

Chunky boots for your fall capsule wardrobe

You can also go for trendy derby shoes or, if you're looking for a timeless classic, you can go for a pair of Dr. Martens. If you're wearing heels, it’s also nice to have at least one pair of black ankle boots in your fall wardrobe. 

What should I have in my fall wardrobe?

Now you know all about the essential pieces that you should have in your fall wardrobe. Once you have all of your neutral basics, you can start to add some color, patterns, and accessories. 

Be sure to go for good-quality pieces that fit you well and you're ready to hit the season in style.

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