The Perfect Outfit for Your Start to This Fall Season

Stephanie Rivoli
by Stephanie Rivoli

Once a new season begins it can be difficult to figure out exactly what to wear. The mornings are cooler but the days are still warm. Most of us don't want to give up Summer just yet or put away our cute dresses and sandals, but the time will come when we will box them up in favor of the new season's latest trends. So, how do you dress for that in-between time? I have the perfect out from Target to get you through those 3-4 weeks that come when the season is changing from Summer to Fall.

One key to a great transitional outfit that goes from Summer to Fall is to find items that aren't going to be too hot or too cold. The straight leg distressed jeans from Target (unfortunately no longer available but similar options are still out there and available!) make a great item because they cover most of your legs but the cut-outs allow you to stay cooler on a warmer day.

Another great option is to wear a shirt that is more fitted but is a color that works great for the Fall. Its like the best of both worlds. The shirt here one of my new favorites and can be easily worn in both seasons. Also, it is only $25 and very affordable.

Lastly, I like to throw in a bit of color just to remind myself that Summer isn't over quite yet and you can still play around with the bright colors. My crossbody bag is the perfect example of how you can throw in a bit of color and still make the outfit work. It is currently on clearance for $13!

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