7 Heatless Frontal Hairstyle Ideas You Can Easily Do in 5 Minutes

Chrissie Milan
by Chrissie Milan
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If you want some fun and quick frontal hairstyle ideas, then this guide is perfect for you. In one of my previous tutorials, I showed you how to install a frontal wig, now I'm sharing some different hairstyles you can try. Of course, if your hair is naturally long and straight, you could do these hairstyles too.

Whether you’re looking for frontal wig hairstyles inspiration, or if you just want something quick and easy, these 7 cute frontal hairstyles require minimum effort and look super sleek. Page down to see how you can achieve these looks effortlessly.

Tools and materials:

  • Brush
  • Hair elastics
  • Styling mousse
Easy frontal hairstyles

Hairstyle 1

Adding a little mousse or styling gel to the front part of your frontal is a minimal yet sleek hairstyle that looks so trendy and fresh. Basically, flatten the front part of your hair with some mousse and tuck your hair behind your ears. 

Frontal hairstyles for straight hair

Hairstyle 2

This is a sleek ponytail. Simply grab a long section of hair from over the ear and leave it out.

Sleek ponytail with a frontal

Then, tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail. It’s a little twist to the regular ponytails and looks ultra-chic, don’t you think? 

Quick frontal bun hairstyles

Hairstyle 3

If you’re looking for some sleek frontal bun hairstyles, then this one’s for you! Follow the same steps as the hairstyle above. The difference here is that you’ll be tying your ponytail to the side of your head.

Frontal bun

Then, twist your ponytail and twirl it into a bun. Tuck the ends into your elastic, and you’re done! 

Sweeping hair to the side

Hairstyle 4

This one is pretty minimal, just like the first hairstyle. Basically, let your hair loose and comb your hair to one side. This has to be one of my favorites straight frontal hairstyles. 

Half-up, half-down frontal hairstyle idea

Hairstyle 5

This hairstyle is called half up, half down. Simply tie the top half of your hair in a high ponytail.

Simple frontal wig hairstyles

The trick, though, is to divide your hair evenly, ensuring no bits are out of place. 

Cute frontal hairstyles for straight hair

Keeping to the same frontal hairstyle idea as before, you can add a little twist to the half-up, half-down look by dividing the top ponytail in two and placing each section on either side. 

Half-up, half-down frontal bun hairstyle

If you don’t feel like the ponytail look, then simply tie your hair in a cute little bun! This is another one of my favorite frontal bun hairstyles. 

Cute frontal hairstyle with pigtails

Hairstyle 6

Ok, this one’s called twin ponytails, and it really entails two cute pigtails on either side of your head. Just be sure to section your hair evenly. 

How to do space buns with a frontal

Hairstyle 7

Lastly, this has to be the cutest frontal hairstyle - space buns! I love how they look. To achieve this style, simply twist your pigtails into cute buns. 

Frontal hairstyle ideas

There you have it, girls, some ultra-cool frontal hairstyle ideas to rock your world! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for tuning in. Until next time! 

Suggested materials:
  • Brush
  • Hair elastics
  • Styling mousse

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