How to Do Perfect "Guardians of the Galaxy" Gamora Face Makeup

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Want an out-of-this-world look this Halloween that will turn others green with envy? I have the perfect idea for you - Gamora from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy! I’ll show you how to do Gamora face makeup and take you through each step so that you look like the real deal.

Are you ready for this remarkable transformation? Let’s do it!

Tools and materials:

  • Witch hazel oil
  • Spatula
  • Spoolie brush
  • Wax
  • Multi-purpose facial barrier cream
  • Assorted brushes
  • Collodion
  • Face paint palette
  • Green eyeshadow (chrome-effect)
  • Powder
  • Rosy gold eyeshadow
  • False eyelashes
  • Eyeliner
  • Wig
  • Silver shimmery paint
Prepping eyebrows with a spoolie brush

1. Prep your eyebrows

Starting with a fresh face. Dab some witch hazel on and around your eyebrows to remove any natural oils. Then, go in with a clean spoolie brush and brush your eyebrow hairs upwards. 

Applying wax to eyebrows

2. Apply wax

So, as you brush your eyebrow hairs upward, add the wax to each section. This is the best way to flatten your brows against your skin completely. 

Building wax on top of the eyebrows

Keep building wax on top of your eyebrows because later you can use this to create the scars Gamora has on her brow bone.

Smoothing the wax surface with vaseline

Smooth the surface of the wax with a little vaseline. Rub some in by making small, circular motions right over the wax. 

Carve the scars on the brow bone

3. Carve the brows

Taking a spatula, carve out a half oval shape on the lower half of your brow. 

How to create a Gamora makeup look

Then, mimic the shape just above the bottom line. This time though, go in higher and wider. Once you’re happy, go in and make the grooves deeper. 

Applying sealant to the eyebrow wax

Now, go in with a sealant and lightly apply it to the wax. It’s best to use an old brush for this step and do this quickly. 

Applying multi-purpose barrier foam to face

4. Prep your face

Before applying face paint, I recommend using a multi-purpose barrier foam that shields your skin from harsh chemicals and products. This will also prevent the green paint from leaving any hue on your face after washing it off. 

Creating lines on the brow

5. Add special effects

Using your spatula, create two lines right on the brow. 

Using collodion to create scars

Now, add some collodion to the groove of the indentations and work your way up by an inch or two. For reference, check out Gamora's face to know exactly where to place the scars. 

Applying collodion to the face

Add some to your cheekbones, too. Remember, as the collodion dries, it shrinks and pulls the skin inward, creating a scarring effect. 

How to create Gamora's scars with collodion

After eight layers, this is what it looks like. 

Gamora costume makeup

6. Paint your face

For a realistic Gamora cosplay costume, try matching the same green hue as she has on her face. If you need to mix some greens to get to the same color, go ahead and do so. Then, apply this to your face using a large brush. 

How to do Gamora face makeup

Layer the paint to give you full opacity. 

Gamora makeup look

Using a creamy mustard shade, apply it underneath the brow bone to bring some structure around that area. This acts as a highlighter. So apply some to the center of the nose, around the nostrils, and underneath the eyes. 

Fun Gamora costume makeup

Now, with a little yellow paint, work it in over the highlighter. 

Creating 3D Gamora face makeup

Also, add some over the center of the chin and the philtrum. Also, apply a little right underneath the scars. 

Contouring the Gamora face makeup

Mix dark green and black to create a lovely deep contour color. Apply this to the sides of your face. Also, apply it down the sides of the nose. 

Setting the Gamora face makeup

Set the paint with a no-color powder base. 

Applying dark green lipstick

7. Add the finishing touches

Now, apply a dark green shade to your lips. 

Lining eyes with a black pencil

Line your waterline with a black pencil. 

Gamora eye makeup

Now, apply a dual-chrome green color eyeshadow to your mobile eyelids. Pull the eyeshadow out on that outer edge.

Applying rosy gold eyeshadow to centers

Then, dab a rosy gold eyeshadow to the center of the eyelids.

Applying eyeliner to the top lids

Line the top lid with liquid eyeliner and create a flick on the outer edge. 

Applying false eyelashes

Next, top off your Gamora eye makeup with some false lashes. 

Painting silver paint over the scars

With a lovely metallic silver paint, carefully apply this into the indentations of the scars. Also, add to the lines of the eyebrows. 

Gamora face makeup step by step

With a dark green, go around the outer perimeter of one of the scar lines to give off a lovely dimension. 

Gamora face makeup and wig

Gamora face makeup tutorial

Pop your wig on and you’re good to go! This Gamora costume DIY is sizzling! I love the green contrasts and how the highlighter and contouring really helped give the Gamora face makeup some spectacular dimension.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this Gamora Halloween makeup look. 

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Suggested materials:
  • Witch hazel oil
  • Spatula
  • Spoolie brush
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