GENIUS Hack for Keeping Track of Bonus Buttons

Christie Moeller
by Christie Moeller

You know how every-time you buy a piece of clothing with buttons they give you extra buttons? What do you do with yours? Here's 2 ways to keep track of them without losing them.

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We all have buttons we've lost and wish we didn't and buttons we still have and just don't know where to store

My first hack is sewing the button onto the clothing's tag. Some high end designers even do this with their clothes and some clothes come like this. This is easy because then the button stays with the shirt or dress it belongs to.

If that's too much work then grab a small see through jar and put all your buttons in there and keep the jar in your closet so you know where all those buttons go to.

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  • Xo Xo on Jan 25, 2023

    mostly they come in a tiny bag so i write on the back what shirt they are from. like red strip top or denim shirt etc. and then keep them in a sandwich bag in your bedroom drawer

  • TheSeamstress TheSeamstress on Feb 28, 2023

    I found a small business card holder that was like a little album of clear pages you slip cards into. I took all the old cards out and put all my spare buttons into the separate pages.