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Summer seems to be one of my favorite times to craft and DIY. While crafting during the holidays (like Christmas and Valentine’s Day) is equally as fun, it’s much more short lived. Throughout the summer there’s so many fashion DIY’s that I always want to do. This year I’ve decided to stop just wanting to do them and actually DIY my little heart out. So far, here’s my 3 favorite summer fashion DIY’s that I’ve done.

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3 Easy Summer Fashion DIY’s

Two of these may be straw bags but that’s just because they’re a huge summer staple for the beach and pool. Besides, you never know which one is going to go with your outfit best, so better to have 2.

Monogram Straw Bag

I just finished this DIY a week ago and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I was inspired by a Mark & Graham bag that they have available year after year. While it’s fairly reasonable in price, I’m always love saving a few extra bucks. Market bags can be expensive though so depending on what you’re comfortable on spending you may want to size down. I went with a large because I know I’ll be taking this to the beach and pool all summer and will need to pack those beach towels. Click here for a step by step guide to this monogram straw bag DIY.

Step by Step

  1. Use painters tape to create clean stripes. Remember to leave space for your monogram!
  2. Paint stripes on bag & let dry.
  3. Cover paint with tape and repeats step 2 for next stripe color.
  4. Draw your monogram lightly in pencil.
  5. Paint over monogram and allow to dry.

Tassel Shoes

I was really excited about this DIY because it’s so easy. Just take any pair of existing shoes with a strap, a $15 tassel set, and you’re basically already done! Just tie the tassels around the strap for an easy shoe upgrade for summer. You can glue them in place if you’d like but, I like having the option to go back to a classic pair too. I got small and large tassels to layer so it gave it made it more dynamic.

Pom Pom Bag

This was one of the first post that I did on Central Florida Chic and it’s still one of my favorite items for summer. IT’s so easy and cost under $25 to make. Compared to other pom bags you can save hundreds with this DIY! Click here for the full tutorial on a real statement bag.

Step by Step

  1. Layout your design on the bag. There are so many different ways that you can style your bag, it’s just up to your personal taste. If you need a little extra inspo do a quick  google search and you’ll find so many great ideas.
  2. I probably should have mentioned plugging in the hot glue gun in step one so it was heated up by now. If you haven’t go ahead and plug in the hot glue gun. Next, take a pom pom and add glue to the “back” of it, or put the glue directly on the bag, and place your pom pom on the bag. Repeat this until all your pom poms have been securely attached.
  3. Cut a long segment of yarn (this will make it easier to maneuver as it’s detached from the rest of the yarn). Hot glue one end of the yarn into place and begin wrapping it around the handle. Wrap until the desired thickness is achieved and hot glue the other end of yarn and trim any excess. Repeat until handle is complete.

More Summer Fashion DIY’s

There’s a couple other summer fashion DIY’s still on my list that I haven’t gotten to quite yet. But I wanted to share with you what they are in hopes to keep me honest on my word. Check back later this summer for more of these DIY’s.

Sun Hat with Interchangeable Ribbon

I’m absolutely in love with sun hats. They’re a summer essential in Florida. While classic black and white ribbons look great on a sun hat, I keep seeing these beautiful ribbons on them. Instead of buying a new hat every time I see a ribbon I like, I think I’ll make a hat that you can change them out on. I know it’s not a new idea, but it’ll no doubt be cheaper for me to DIY.

Suggested materials:
  • Straw Basket   (https://rstyle.me/cz-n/giwpufc3n9f)
  • Paint   (https://rstyle.me/cz-n/giwpv9c3n9f)
  • Tassels   (https://rstyle.me/cz-n/fep3kyc3n9f)
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