Grain Sack Stenciled Market Basket

3 Materials
1 Hour

When I saw this basket for sale on a popular website I knew this was something I could easily make!

This was a quick project using the perfect market basket I already had at home.

I loved this basket but I'm going to give it a quick one-two makeover and love it even more!

I started out with a grain sack stencil from Old Sign Stencils.

I placed the stencil onto the basket and used masking tape to hold it down.

Old Sign Stencils sells a variety of beautiful stencils including several widths and sizes of grain sack stencils.

Notice that I put a stripe of 1" wide masking tape across the top of the stencil, this is to leave a space for a monogram.

It is not too easy to stencil on wicker so use a very light amount of paint on your stencil brush and go back over your design a few times.

I hand painted my monogram with a paint stick, you can use monogrammed stencils or make your own with a vinyl stencil.

The look was just what I was hoping for and it couldn't have been easier!

There's a bottle of wine in this basket and you can bet I'll be ready for a picnic this summer!

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Suggested materials:

  • Straw tote   (Amazon)
  • Stencil   (Funky Junk Interiors)
  • Craft paint   (Amazon)

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