How To Create Multiple Looks With Just a Few Purses šŸ‘œ

The temptation to buy new items and styles every season is strong, no doubt. But why spend money on a new purse or bag when you can create multiple new styles with the ones you have? You can create 16 different looks with 4 bags or purses by just changing the straps!

Use straps from bags you already have, or purchase additional straps like these. For the purpose of this post, I will be using bags I already have because we're talking about saving money, right?

All you need are a few purses or bags with removeable straps. Crossbody bags will typically have a long strap that can be removed. The more variety in colors and design you have, the more looks you can create.

I grabbed these four purses and additional crossbody strap to begin. A light pink envelope purse, mini snakeskin purse, gold chain crossbody purse, tan straw beach bag and a brown leather strap. Remember, all straps have to be removeable!

The first look I created was more of a functional switch than a style switch. Switching out purse straps can be both functional and stylish. If you have a broken purse strap, switching it out with a different strap gives your purse a longer life.

The strap on my everyday Kate Spade Purse had started to fray and come apart so I took the strap from this mini snakeskin purse and put it on to replace the damaged strap.

The strap from the snakeskin purse actually matched almost PERFECTLY! It was another black saffiano leather strap and was the same shade of black as my Kate Spade purse. The gold hardware was a slightly different color, but who's going to be looking that closely?!

I absolutely love this second style! I added a pink strap to this otherwise simple black and white bag to create a super stylish look. This pink is light enough that it could still be considered a neutral and go with almost any outfit. This may be one of my favorite combos and I will be leaving the pink strap on this bag!

Another way to style bags is by season. I took this straw beach bag from summer to fall by adding a brown leather strap. The brown strap adds a second, more fall colored neutral color to make this bag the perfect addition to any look for fall. Tan, cream and brown are all fall neutrals that can easily be paired with other fall neutrals like navy blue, burgundy, sage green, rust, black, and so many more.

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