How To Make a Phone Lanyard in Just 2 Minutes

2 Minutes

Let's say you're taking a trip to the mountains and you're afraid of dropping your phone (because honestly, that's a scary thought). So you check online for a phone lanyard to hold your phone, but they're $15-20 for a decent one. Instead of paying $15 for a lanyard online, why not make one yourself for a third of the price?

All you need is a phone case, a ring stand and a detachable purse strap. I used a soft TPU plastic case and took the adjustable strap off this cute leopard bag.

If you don’t already have one, you will need to purchase a ring for the back of your phone. You can get a set of 4 clear rings for less than $6!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Phone case (non-textured soft or hard plastic)
  • Adhesive ring stand
  • Detachable purse strap


Make sure your phone case is on your phone for this step. Take the backing off the ring stand you've chosen and press it firmly onto the back of the phone case in the middle. This is what it will look like once completed. (The case is not on my phone so I could take a photo of it)

* Once you put the ring stand on the case, it will likely not come off. So make sure to use a phone case that you won't mind the stand staying on permanently.


Next, find a detachable purse strap from one of your bags you own. Attach the strap to the ring on the phone and viola! You have a homemade phone lanyard!

Make sure you test out the strength of the bond between the ring stand and your case before wearing the lanyard. Trying holding your phone by the purse strap and make sure it doesn't fall. Once you've passed that test, try pulling the stand off of the case. You don't actually want it to come off. If it comes off easily, you will need to press harder to adhere it or may need to switch out your case/ring stand. If you try pulling the stand off and it is a struggle, that means the bond is strong and your phone will not fall. I used the ring stand on my phone for 3 months and it was STILL strong!

This is the final result! I used this lanyard to keep my phone on me, but still accessible. I did not want to keep putting it in my pockets and taking it out to take photos, with the fear I might drop it.

If the purse strap is not long enough for you to take photos when wearing it, you may take it off and hold the strap around your arm. If you were to let go of your phone, it would still be attached to you and would not fall.

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