Update A Plain Tote Bag With Ease

3 Materials
15 Minutes

I found this tote bag at the dollar store. It had a nice saying on one side but was plain on the other. I use these bags all of the time and wanted both sides to say something cute. I found this rub on transfer at the dollar store and knew it would be perfect for the project. You can see more of my crazy creations here

You'll need:

I’ve got this rub on transfer that says hashtag best day ever and I’m just going to add it to give the back a little bit of fun.

Now you need to peel off the backing and be careful not to touch the stickiness that’s on the backside.

Once I have it where I want it, I’m going to go ahead and press it down so the stickiness on the back adheres to the bag. You could use some painter’s tape or some stencil tape to hold it in place.

The next step is to use a credit card a popsicle stick anything you want. You will just scratch back and forth on the design and you may notice with some designs, but not all, that as you scratch the color changes. 

Now comes the fun part, pulling it up and seeing the transfer happen. If you pull it up and a part of the transfer didn’t work that’s okay just lay it back down and scratch over the top. it’ll be fine just go slow so you can see if it’s transferring or not.

These bags make great gifts and are so versatile, they are perfect for everyday use.

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Suggested materials:
  • Tote bag
  • Rub on transfer
  • Credit card

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