How to Make a Ruffled Tote Bag

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This cute little tote bag was made for my daughter and she even picked out the fabric from her own stash! We used a ready-made canvas tote bag and a ruffler attachment for a sewing machine to create this easy project!

If the fabrics are new, start by washing and drying the pieces. I didn't find it necessary to pre-wash the canvas bag but if can be done if need be. I decided to tear the ruffle pieces into strips about 3" wide. Tearing the cotton fabric leaves a really cute ragged edge without looking sloppy! (The edges can be serged or hemmed, if desired)

I used the ruffler attachment for my sewing machine to make the ruffles. Easy-peasy!! If a ruffler attachment is not available, the ruffles can be created by sewing a basting stitch, either by hand or machine. (For instructions on making ruffles without a ruffler, see this post!)

Once the ruffles were finished, I used a marking pencil to draw lines on the bag.

I pinned the first ruffle on the line and used a straight stitch on the sewing machine. Then repeated the process for the remaining ruffles.

My daughter decided that she wanted a pocket on the other side and chose a fabric with cats (her favorite!) on it. It's just a simple, basic square with a hem at the top that is sewn to the other side.

She loves this cute little tote! It's the perfect thing to carry items to Grandma's house for a sleepover!

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