How To Make An Envelope Clutch Bag

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With little sewing experience you can make this stylish easy bag in no time. Get the sewing machine out and learn how to make an envelope clutch bag.

How To Make An Envelope Clutch Bag.

When I was growing up my mom made all my clothes. I was very much influenced by her to learn to sew. I wasn’t as talented as she was but I knew basic things like sewing a hem, making simple dresses and just fun stuff.

Supplies On Making Envelope Clutch Bag:

  • Fabric

  • Cutting Mat

  • Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • Sewing Machine (Don’t have a sewing machine try this beginner sewing machine.)

  1. Measure and cut the fabric

For the main outside fabric I used a coffee bean bag which is made from burlap. I cut one piece at 18 inches long X 12 inches. I placed the fabric on cutting mat and placed the clear ruler over the fabric so I could cut it straight.

For the top part which is the flap I used a contrasting colorful print fabric. I cut two pieces at 12 inches X 5inches.

For the lining I measured 18 inches from the main fabric plus both flaps and it measured 28 inches.

2. Sewing the flaps onto the main fabric

Line up the flaps by pinning the 12 inches to the 12 inches of the main burlap fabric. Make sure the right sides are facing each other. Do this on both sides.

4. Sewing the sides

Now that the flaps are sewn on. You will sew the sides all the way to the top of the flaps. Make sure the opening measures 12 inches. I had to cut off a inch off the sides of the burlap fabric because I miscalculated. 🙁

5. Iron the clutch

Turn the clutch bag right side out and iron the bag.

6. Sewing the lining.

The lining should measure 28 inches from top to bottom, sew the sides before you insert it into the main clutch.

7. Turn the edges

Turn over the top edge of the clutch by a quarter of an inch. You can press it with iron. Repeat the same with the edge of the lining.

8. Insert and sew

Once the edges are turned on both the lining and main clutch. You can insert the lining into the clutch. You will now have to sew them.

9. Sew both edges

Carefully sew them together to form a nice clean edge.

Viola I am very excited with the outcome. I made two clutches in two different fabric. One was canvas and a uphlostered fabric. I loved the upholstered fabric the best. The canvas was hard to iron and frayed at the edges.

10. Add a magnetic clasp

Sewing it onto the burlap part and one on the fabric flap.

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