5 Easy Holiday Hairstyles: Ponytails, Braided Updos, Chignons & More

by Laineymariebeauty
3 Materials
20 Minutes

The holiday season is upon us, and I thought of sharing with you five incredible holiday hairstyles that will surely enhance your style and vibe!

You don’t need any fancy tools for these, just a good old hair tie. These are truly easy DIY holiday hairstyles that anyone can pull off!

Tools and materials:

  • Bobby Pins
  • Mirror
  • Hair ties
Creating a topsy tail with a section of hair

Hairstyle 1 - braided bun

Tie half your hair up and do a topsy tail. Create a hole in the middle and flip your pony through the hole. Then, tighten your pony. 

Splitting the hair into two tied sections

Split your hair into two sections, with an equal amount of the topsy tail in both sections, and tie them. 

Braiding one of the sections of hair

Braid both sections of hair separately.

Pinching and pulling the braid

Loosen the strands a little, so the braids don’t sit tight. Pinch and pull the strands and repeat on the other side. 

Creating a hole in the top left hair section

Feeding the right braid into the left hole

Threading the braid through the hair

Take your fingers and put them underneath the left side of your topsy tail. Then, take the right braid and pull it through the left topsy tail. 

Pulling the left braid through the other side

Then, put your fingers underneath the right side of your topsy tail and pull the left braid through. 

Securing the hair ends at the bottom

Repeat this process, alternating sides each time. Once you get to the ends, gather them at the bottom and secure them with a hairpin. 

Pinching and pulling hair strands for texture

Pinch and pull your hair and bun for some added texture. Add bobby pins where needed.

Holiday party updo hairstyles

Here’s your beautiful braided updo!

Tying the top section of hair in a half pony

Hairstyle 2 - crisscross ponytail

Tie your hair half up and flip it over your head. 

Dividing the hair into two sections

Crisscrossing the sections over the ponytail

Divide the hair under your ponytail into two. Then, flip your ponytail back down and crisscross the two sections over the ponytail. 

Tying the sections underneath the half pony

Take the loose sections back underneath your ponytail and tie it with loose elastic. 

Adjusting the holiday ponytail hairstyle

Easy holiday ponytail hairstyles

You can pull and pinch around the top to add texture and volume. It’s one of my favorite ponytail hairstyles, thanks to its simple, elegant vibe. 

Tip: To make it more festive, you could dress this holiday hairstyle up with a headband or add a cute bow in the back. 

Twisting the middle hair section into a bun

Hairstyle 3 - Christmassy messy bun

Section your hair into three parts. Then, create a bun in the middle section, as shown. Twist the ends of your hair around the elastic and tuck the ends under the hair tie. 

Securing the twisted bun with a bobby pin

Tug the bun, give it a little twist, and add a bobby pin to secure it in place. 

Twisting the right section of hair

Then, take the right section, and twist it a couple of times away from your face. 

Wrapping the the twist around the bun

Securing the twisted section with a bobby pin

Next, wrap it around your bun, and twist it as you go along. When you reach the end, place a bobby pin to secure the section in place. 

Wrapping the twisted braid around the bun

With the other section of hair, divide your hair into two equal sections and twist the sections around each other into a twisted braid.

Then, wrap the twisted section around your bun and pin the ends with a bobby pin. 

Quick holiday hairstyles you can do at home

Easy updo for the holidays

Here’s the result! What do you think of this stunning holiday party updo hairstyle? 

Creating a topsy tail with the half pony

Hairstyle 4 - half up, half down bun

Tie the top half of your hair, divide the pony in half and do a topsy tail (flip the pony through the middle). 

Flipping the ponytail under the topsy tail

Now, flip the ponytail up under the topsy tail. So, the first step was pushing it up over the ponytail, and now you're doing it underneath. But, don’t pull the pony all the way through 

Making a little bun at the back of the head

This way, it creates a cute little bun. 

Tying the side sections at the top

Next, take a section of hair from each side and tie it with a hair tie. 

Creating a hole in the top ponytail

Divide the upper ponytail into two sections, just as you would when doing a topsy tail. Slide your finger through that hole, and twist the ponytail to create a hole. 

Pulling the bun through the hole

Stretch that hole open and pull it over the bun. Check the video from 3:43 minutes to see exactly how I do this. 

Tightening the ponytail over the bun

Once you’ve pulled it over the bun, give it a nice little pull to tighten it. 

Half-up, half-down holiday hairstyle

That’s it! It’s really unique and takes literally 5 minutes to do. 

Creating a low chignon at the back

Hairstyle 5 - holiday chignon

For the last hairstyle, take a section from the front and leave it out. Then, tie the rest of your hair into a low ponytail.

Pull your hair through the hair tie twice, and on the third pull, flip your ponytail up and pull the hair tie over the bottom portion of the ponytail to create a little bun. 

Flipping the hair over the bun

Flip your hair back over, so your hair kind of drapes over that mini bun. 

Gathering and tying hair ends at the bottom

Gather and tie the ends at the bottom.

Tucking the ends into the chignon

Tuck the ends up underneath the bun so they are hidden. 

Pinning the chignon to secure it

Pin the ends and the bun to ensure it’s secure. 

Braiding the front section of hair

Braid the front section. Remember to braid towards the back of your head, so you don’t get a bump. 

Pinching and pulling the braid for volume

Pinch and pull the braid, so it looks fuller.

Draping the braid over the chignon & pinning

Drape the braid on top of the bun and pin the ends. 

Easy DIY holiday hairstyles

Voilà! You have yourself a stunning chignon! 

Holiday hairstyles tutorial

Holiday hairstyles tutorial

I hope you enjoyed my holiday hairstyles tutorial. Let me know which look was your favorite. Thanks for joining me, and happy holidays! 

Suggested materials:
  • Bobby pins
  • Mirror
  • Hair ties

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