How to Clean Your Eyeshadow Pallet Without Ruining It! 🎨

by Christina

This hack is for the girlies like me... we do our makeup in a rush and can't be bothered to slow down and clean around the pallet. Every time you go full glam another color is left in the dust (literally) and that dust collects!

You know how you see some of those toddlers walking around with cheeto dust on their fingers and you think "EW"? Well being a girl with dusty makeup pallets and a dirty makeup bag is the grown woman equivalent of being a cheeto finger kid. So use this hack and keep it cute!

Best makeup remover wipes!

Get your eyeshadow palette clean with these makeup remover wipes hat Amazon reviewers swear by!

Here's a before shot.

Start with a tissue spray it with some makeup remover or water (don't wet it too much!)

Now I am covering a makeup foundation top but you can cover anything with a flat surface.

Glide the tissue wrapped around the flat surface over your pallet. The flat surface keeps the tissue from going too deep and dragging up the eyeshadow.

WOW! Look how clean it looks after. I love this quick and easy hack.

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