How to Dermaplane Your Face at Home for Super Smooth Skin

3 Materials
30 Minutes

In this tutorial, I want to talk to you about how to dermaplane your face at home and share some useful dermaplaning tips.

What is dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation with a blade that helps get rid of peach fuzz and dead skin on the surface of your face, leaving you with smooth, baby skin. Let's get started!

Tools and materials: 

  • Eyebrow shaver or dermaplaning blade
  • Enzyme peel mask
  • Facial spray 
Tools for dermaplaning

Benefits of dermaplaning

Dermaplaning gives you smooth and really bright skin. It also helps the skin to absorb your skincare better and your makeup goes on like a dream.

If you have bad skin that you don’t look after, it’s not going to look good no matter how much makeup you slap on. Exfoliation is the most important thing.

Dermaplaning tips

Start with an eyebrow shaver If you’re a beginner starting dermaplaning, I recommend you buy eyebrow shavers instead of a professional dermaplaning blade.

They’re not as sharp and have a wire protector over the blade, so you can’t cut yourself with them. It will only shave your peach fuzz, not remove your dead skin, but it’s so easy to practice with. 

Dermaplaning face

Find a good angle Always keep the blade at 45 degrees so it slides nicely.

Professionals will usually shave upward, but when you’re doing it yourself, you have to find a good angle on the side.

I can go upwards on one side, but on the other, it’s awkward so I shave downwards.

Smooth skin

Practice in tiny sections

When practicing with the eyebrow shaver, do tiny sections at a time and make sure you pull your skin so it’s nice and taut.

Prepare your skin

Before shaving, make sure to prepare and cleanse your skin. I use a glycolic acid cleanser and a toner with tea tree oil, which will disinfect your skin.

Wait until your skin is completely dry, because if it’s clammy or damp, the blade won’t slide easily on your face and you can cut yourself.

How to properly dermaplane your face:

Dermaplaning face

1. Dermaplane your cheek

Hold your blade at a 45 degree angle and stretch your skin. I usually start by the ear and use short up and down strokes.

As you shave, you will start seeing a lot of fluff, skin, and debris coming off. Do that all over your cheeks and then move on to your forehead.

Dermaplaning face

2. Dermaplane your forehead

Your forehead is very difficult to dermaplane because you have a lot of deep lines and you can’t glide the blade so easily.

You have to stretch your forehead by pulling your skin taut with your fingers and shave upwards. I always get a lot of dead skin on my forehead, so be very careful.

Dermaplaning face

3. Dermaplane your mustache

Your mustache area is really easy. Pull your lips down and hold the skin with your fingers. 

Dermaplaning face

4. Dermaplane your chin

The chin is a bit tricky as well because of the angle and the contours. 

Applying enzyme peel mask

5. Apply an enzyme peel mask

Make sure you go all over the face. Sometimes I go over it twice to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

Then, apply an enzyme peel to help get anything that’s left such as dead skin that needs to dissolve. Wash it off after ten minutes.

Applying facial spray

6. Apply a facial spray

The facial spray I’m using has aloe herbs and rose water to disinfect and moisturize the skin.

How to dermaplane your face at home: Aftershot

How to dermaplane your face at home

After that, your skin will feel so beautiful and smooth like a baby’s bottom, and makeup and foundation will go on so beautifully.

Exfoliation is one of the most important things at our age because the skin cell turnover cycle slows down as the new cells come to the surface, the old ones don’t fall off and just keep sticking.

That’s when your skin starts to look dull and makeup and skincare won’t absorb or go on properly, so it’s very important to exfoliate. I recommend dermaplaning once a month or once every two months and using skin care exfoliators like retinol once a week.

Let me know if you found this tutorial on how to dermaplane your face at home helpful down below!

Suggested materials:
  • Eyebrow shaver or dermaplaning blade
  • Enzyme peel mask
  • Facial spray

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