How to Do a Wash and Go on Natural Hair - Easy 4b Wash and Go Routine

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Hey pretty ladies! Want to learn how to do a wash and go on natural hair? Well, you've come to the right place. We all know that 4b hair texture can get a little tricky to maintain; you need the right products and routine to get it feeling soft, and for your curls to stay in place.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you the best wash and go products for 4b hair and how to apply them, too. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Detangling spray
  • Afro comb
  • Curl defining cream
  • Curl stretching cream
  • Hair elastics
  • Styling gel
4b hair after its been freshly washed

1. Wash your hair

So, the first step in this wash and go 4b hair tutorial is to, you’ve guessed it, wash your hair! Before applying products, make sure it’s t-shirt dried. 

Best wash and go products for 4b hair

These are the products I’ll be using, which came in a Treasure Tress box of products for natural hair. You can use the same or anything similar to this. 

Sectioning hair into four equal sections

2. Section your hair

Now, section your hair into four equal sections. Use elastics for this step. 

Spraying detangling spray

Wash and go type 4 natural hair

3. Detangling spray

Generously spritz a detangling spray onto a section to make it easier to brush through with an afro comb.

Wash and go on 4b hair

4. Curl-defining cream

For extra definition, apply a curl-defining cream. Make sure the product is applied evenly to each section. Scrunch your hair to define the curl even more. 

The best wash and go product for 4b hair?

Applying curl stretching cream to hair

5. Curl stretching cream

Now, it’s time to use a curl stretching cream. I honestly feel this is the holy grail of the wash and go process, it makes such a difference. Basically, apply a little to your hand, and run it through each section. 

Tip: Add more to the ends to keep it super-defined and less frizzy during the day. 

4b wash and go - styling with gel

Applying gel to hold natural curls

6. Gel

Now, add a styling gel to hold your curls throughout the day without it getting frizzy. 

Natural hair routine 4b

Pull the ends to get the product in between the strands.

Stretching curls by tying hair up at the root

7. Strech

To stretch the curls at the top, tie your hair right by the roots with an elastic.

Wash and go routine for 4b hair texture

Now, repeat the whole process on the rest of your hair, making sure to work in sections at a time for the best results on your 4b hair texture. 

Wash and go 4b hair tutorial

8. Remove the elastic

Now, remove the elastic from each section of your hair. This step may be a little tricky as there’s loads of product on the elastic, too.

You’ll notice there’s a lot of product on your hair, but that’s the aim; the more product, the better the curl is defined. It does go away, don’t worry! 

Styling 4b natural hair

9. Style your hair

The front of my hair has some damage from the heat, so I aim to hide that. Here, I’m sectioning off the front part and tying it with an elastic. 

Sectioning hair to hide heat damage

Next, pull the strands from the sectioned hair over the front, as shown. 

How to get defined 4b curls

How to do a wash and go on natural hair

How to do a wash and go on natural hair

Here’s the result! What do you think of those beautifully defined curls? I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to do a wash and go on natural hair; as you can see, a 4b wash and go is really simple, and with a bit of effort, you can rock your everyday look! 

Suggested materials:
  • Curl defining cream
  • Curl stretching cream
  • Hair elastics
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