Blush Hack Tutorial: How to Get Airbrushed-looking Skin

Smitha Deepak
by Smitha Deepak
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Have you seen the viral TikTok blush technique to get airbrushed-looking skin? I had to try it, and I created this flawless makeup tutorial to show you. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Primer 
  • Color corrector
  • Liquid foundation 
  • Flat foundation brush 
  • Deep toned concealer    
  • Lighter toned concealer 
  • Makeup sponge 
  • Liquid blush 
  • Setting powder 
  • Tapered tip powder puff 
  • Setting spray
Before shot

Good makeup starts with skin prep! 

1. Apply primer

Use a silicone free primer on your clean skin. 

Applying primer

2. Color correct

To hide uneven skin tone, apply a peach color corrector. Use it selectively in areas where you have a particularly uneven skin tone.

For me that’s around my mouth and under my eyes. The peach color effectively cancels out the blue undertones.

Applying color correct

You can already see a difference!

Skin with color correct applied

3. Apply a golden foundation

Apply it mostly toward the middle of the face, starting out with dots. Blend them out using a flat, foundation brush. The aim is to get full coverage.

Applying foundation

Applying foundation

Once the foundation is well blended on your face, use what’s left on the brush on your neck to even out the transition.

4. Add contour with a deep shade of concealer

Place a small amount of the concealer on the back of your hand, then dab onto a foundation brush, applying to the circumference of your face.

Adding contour

Add some to the sides of your nose to give definition.

Adding contour

5. Add a lighter concealer

Now, choose a concealer that matches your skin tone, or slightly lighter.

Apply it under your eyes and around your mouth to cover the peach tone from the color corrector. 

Adding concealer

The trick here is, after applying the concealer, wait for about 30 seconds to 1 minute until it’s a bit dry. Then blend it out with a makeup sponge.

Blending concealer

6. Apply liquid blush

Start by taking a bit of the blush on the back of your hand.

Applying liquid blush

Next, transfer it to a damp makeup sponge, then dab it along the highest parts of your cheekbones.

Applying liquid blush

That’s the placement I prefer, but you can apply it wherever you normally would on your cheeks. 

Progress shot

7. Set with powder

Using a tapered tip powder puff or just a sponge, begin by setting the concealer under your eyes.

Applying powder

Then, slowly go over the blush. It gives a seamless look. See the image below to compare the set and unset side of my face.

Progress shot

Next, set the other side. Keep in mind that this brightness will mellow down as your skin absorbs some of the makeup.

Applying powder

8. Lock the makeup in place

Use a generous amount of setting spray on your entire face.

It will set everything in place and almost melt any extra powders sitting on the top layer to give a skin-like finish.

Applying setting spray

Then lightly dab your face with the sponge one last time.

Dabbing skin with sponge

9. Finishing touches

Here I’ve decided to do my brows, curl my lashes and apply lipstick.

Flawless skin makeup look

How to get airbrushed-looking skin

This flawless skin makeup cannot be beat! Now that you’ve learned how to get airbrushed-looking skin, feel free to share your before and after photos in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Primer
  • Color corrector
  • Liquid foundation
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