Easy 3-method Tutorial on How to Preserve a Twist Out

by SimplyFunmi
3 Materials
5 Minutes

What’s the secret for how I preserve my twist outs? I’m going to share with you how to preserve a twist out. Follow me and choose which technique works the best for you.

Tools and Materials:

  • Hair tie
  • Silk or satin scarf
  • Brush for curly hair
How to preserve a twist out using the pineapple method

The pineapple method

Why the fun name? Basically, you bunch your hair up, leaving the ends out, and the result looks like a pineapple.

1. Collect your hair

Bend your head down and bring all your hair together toward the floor. Use a hair tie to loosely collect all your hair. You’ll only wrap it around once (to avoid bending the hair). Tuck in any strands that got away.

Covering hair with scarf

2. Cover with a scarf

Add a headscarf. Fold it into a triangle and wrap it around your hair, as in the picture below. The shortest part of the scarf will be in the direction of the tips of your hair.

3. Tie the scarf

Cross the two scarf ends above your forehead and then tie them at the back of your head. Secure the ends of the scarf by tucking them in wherever they reach. You can go to bed like this, or you can tuck the loose corner of the scarf into the front.

Covering hair with a scarf

I recommend doing this, especially if you don’t have satin or silk sheets. This prevents your sheets from causing hair-damaging friction. And that’s your first method to preserve your twist out overnight!

Covering hair with a scarf

Here are the pros and cons: It’s quick and easy to achieve. There’s no fuss because it’s while you’re going to bed. I dislike that all your hair is bunched up, so it takes some effort to get it back down. If your hair isn’t naturally bouncy, you might wake up to find it a bit stiff.

Chunky twists

The second way you can preserve your twist-out overnight is with chunky twists. It’s not complicated. I will show you how to do this using just the front of my hair, but ultimately you would continue with all of your hair. 

1. Collect a section of hair

Take a big piece of hair for your first twist.

Collecting sections of hair for chunky twists

2. Split and twist

Split the section into two equal parts and then twist them. You want to make the twist as loose as possible so as not to disturb the curl pattern.

Splitting and twisting hair

3. Continue twisting

Twist all the way to the end of the hair.

Twisting hair

4. Repeat

Continue this process with the rest of your hair. Don’t forget to tie your twists up with a scarf before you go to bed.

Twisting hair

Here’s what I do and don’t like about this method of how to preserve a twist out. It’s not labor intensive which makes it easy to do before going to bed.

Since the twists are loose, it’s really easy to take out in the morning. I also like that this method maintains the position of your part, however you choose to wear it.

Keep in mind that this method ultimately loosens the curl pattern of the twist out, which I actually don’t mind. It gives a mix of curls and kinky hair, but I do want to avoid the twists looking scraggly. 

The low bun

The last method I’m sharing with you as a means of preserving a twist out is my personal favorite. All you need is a hair tie and a scarf. 

1. Collect your hair into a bun

Take your hair and pack it into a low bun. Don’t worry if some strands don’t stretch all the way to the back. You can tuck those behind your ear. It doesn’t need to be too tight, just secure. 

Collecting hair into bun for low bun method

2. Cover your hair

Take your scarf and tie it. 

Hair covered by scarf

In the morning, all you need to do is remove the scarf, and hair tie, then fluff the hair. Lastly, I brush the edges with a brush made for curly hair, and that’s it!

One of the reasons I prefer this method is because at night I don’t like to fuss a lot with my hair. It’s also simple to undo in the morning. Since this method preserves the part I wore, I don’t need to bother with restructuring my hair, unlike with the pineapple method.

The curls remain bouncy and still have life to them, whereas with the chunky twists method, my curls tend to get more limp and scraggly. 

Completed twist out

No matter which method you choose for preserving your twist out, always remember to use a silk or satin scarf as your final step. Cotton sheets and friction are tough on hair, so the scarf keeps your twists healthy and damage-free.

How to preserve a twist out

Those are my 3 favorite methods for preserving a twist out. Try them yourself and let me know in the comments below which is your favorite and why. 

Suggested materials:
  • Hair tie
  • Silk or satin scarf
  • Brush for curly hair

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