How to Perfectly Straighten Natural Hair to Look Like an Expensive Wig

by Laurscurls
7 Materials
3 Hours

Today I am showing you my hair straightening routine for natural hair. This routine is easy on your curls, it gives the best shine, and the best body to your hair.

With these steps, you can transform your natural curly hair into what looks like an expensive wig!

Tools and materials:

  • Heat protectant spray 
  • Moisturizing hair oil 
  • Brush
  • Blow dryer 
  • Hair straightener
  • Comb 
  • Hair ties
Parting hair with a rat tail comb

1. Part your hair 

Shampoo, condition, and deep-condition your hair. Then, part your freshly washed hair down the middle using a comb.

Sectioning hair

2. Section your hair 

Section your hair into three parts on either side of your head. Tie each section up. I'm using three sections because my hair is quite thick. You can do more or less if you prefer.

Applying heat protectant spray

3. Blow-dry each section

Take one section down and generously apply heat protectant spray. 

Blow-drying hair on a high setting

Then, blow-dry the section of your hair until it is nice and dry. I prefer to use the highest heat setting on my hairdryer, which is 210°F.

I also gave my ends a light trim at this stage, as they were looking a bit dead.

Blow-dried natural hair

Repeat the above steps with each section of hair. Tie up sections as you finish them so that they are not in the way. 

Straightening hair with a straightening comb

4. Straighten 

Take one section down to start. I like to straighten each piece a few times. I'm using a straightening comb, as it's faster and cuts down my straightening time, but you could use a flat iron instead.

On the second pass, I focus on the ends. Repeat the above steps until each section is finished. 

Applying hair oil after straightening

5. Apply hair oil

Apply hair oil generously to your hair as you finish straightening each side. This will give your hair a sleek and healthy finish. 

Tying hair up and letting it set

6. Tie up

Once you are finished straightening your hair, tie it up into two sections and let it set for thirty minutes. 

Rolling roots to give a curtain bang look

Rolling hair into two Bantu-like knots

7. Roll up your hair 

Once your hair is finished setting, take it down and begin to roll up small sections into Bantu-like knots. I am doing two sections on either side of my head. 

Make sure to apply moisturizing oil to your hands first. 

Take care to roll your roots too. This will give your hair the curtain bang look. 

Let the knots sit for an hour. 

Untying the knots and separating the curls

8. Untie the knots 

After an hour, take down each knot and gently separate the curls with your fingers. 

How to straightening natural curly hair

Straightening black hair

How to perfectly straighten natural hair

How to perfectly straighten natural hair

This is the finished look from the front, side, and back. As you can see, it is all very cohesive and slick. Using these steps, you can transform your hair into a gorgeous and voluminous-looking wig!

Definitely give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments!

Suggested materials:
  • Heat protectant spray
  • Moisturizing hair oil
  • Brush
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  • Ramona Ramona on Feb 14, 2022

    I love your hair!! Love the look of my natural hair but after a few days it drives me crazy!!! Love this sleek look on you but what do you use for your natural look?

  • Jinxx Jinxx on Feb 18, 2022

    You are beautiful and your hair is amazing!