How to Wear Pink in the Fall

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Russet reds, golden yellows, and sage greens are not the only color options for fall. Wear pink!

Don’t pack away your pink! Instead, learn how to wear pink in the fall and give your fashion color palette a kick!

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Can a color be controversial?

It seems like people either love pink or do NOT love pink.

I love pink!

It works with my complexion, brightens my day, and can actually be paired with a lot of other colors.

Pink in the Fall?


Honestly, I think you can make any color work in the fall.

But, for some reason, pink gets a bad rap as an autumnal color.

Poor pink!

Time to be a pink cheerleader!

Some tips might help…

Tips for how to wear pink in the fall.
Choose Your Shade of Pink

From blush pink to fuschia, there are so many amazing shades of pink!

Determine whether you want a subtle, more neutral palette, or a more vibrant palette with brighter, louder pinks.

Here, I paired a soft pink cardigan with a merlot tank and jeans. The cardigan actually brought out the pinkishness of the tank for an unexpected color combo.

You can see the flutter hem cardigan here.

Combine with Darker, Sombre Colors

Pair pink with darker shades like navy and grey.

Your middle name will be “CHIC!”

You can see a similar shoe here.

Go for Texture

Do you like to cuddle with a comfy, cozy throw blanket while sipping hot cider surrounded by the scent of your pumpkin spice candle?

Then I think you might appreciate comfortable textures to go with your pinks!

You can see a similar sherpa pullover here.

Embrace Fall Stereotypes

Think of what we usually go for in our fall wardrobe.

Three items come to my mind right away…jeans, plaids, and boots.

Well, let’s embrace those stereotypes and add pink! I went for a touch of pink in this plaid cardigan.

You can see a pink plaid here.

Go Bold!

Counteract any pink shyness with pink boldness! Pair a strong shade of pink (like this bright plum sweater tunic with a neutral counterpart like these ivory joggers with a grey feather print.

You can see this plum tunic here.

Time to embrace fill and let it be a part of your fall wardrobe!


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