Baggy Jeans? Make Them Fit With This Tailor Jeans Guide

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I got these cool and unique thrifted Levi’s. The jeans were too big and baggy all-around, so I decided to make a tailor jeans project out of them. I want to show you how easy it is to take them in so that they fit you snugly and look more appealing on your body! The process is pretty simple, too. Join me as I show you a step-by-step guide on tailoring jeans the easy way! Scroll down for all the magical tips and hacks!

Tools and materials:

  • Jeans
  • Marker
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Scissors
How to tailor jeans

DIY tailored jeans

Make the markings

To tailor jeans, you need to see where they should be taken in. So, go ahead and wear your jeans inside out. Then with a marker, pinch in the sides where the waistband is, and see how much from the waistband you’d like to take in. 

Tailoring jeans

Continue down one side seam, marking both the front and back. Then pin these markings in place. 

Tailor jeans tutorial

Then, draw a line across these markings, as shown. This will give you an accurate indication of where to start the tailoring process. 

Trim the sides

Go ahead and trim the sides, cutting along the marked line. Do this carefully and slowly so that you have a smooth cut. 


If you get to some metal hardware, either avoid it by cutting around it or remove it altogether. 

Sew the first leg

Pin the side seams and zigzag stitch the sides to secure them in place. While sewing, avoid any hardware with your needle. Stitch around if necessary. 


Pay attention to the belt loop; sewing over it once should be enough. 

Do the other side

Now, repeat the whole process on the other leg. It’s important to know that you should complete one leg before doing the other—pinch, pin, and mark. 

Then, cut, pin, and sew!

And….drum roll…. Here’s the final look! What do you think of the snazzy DIY tailored jeans? It was so straightforward to tailor, and the result is exquisite. I now have super cool, slim-fitting jeans to add to my denim collection. I hope you try this at home and see how easy it is to tailor jeans. 

Suggested materials:
  • Jeans
  • Marker
  • Sewing machine
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