DIY: Fun Jeans

by Maria

New denim DIY tutorial, adding colour and fun to a pair of Lois jeans. You may know that my favorite Do-It-Yourself technique is paint, and this time I show you a very easy way to give a twist to your pants. Yellow, pink and blue denim, some playful shapes and...ta-dah!, an original garment that with catch all eyes. Do you dare? Keep on reading for the step-by-step tutorial.

Materials: Jeans, acrylics paint, masking tape, flat brush/es, sponge, card or cardboard, scissors, pencil or pen.

To start, in card or cardboard, draw and cut the shapes you like. I've done two semicircles: one full and the other one with just a thick border. They are going to be used as templates to create the patterns/shapes on the denim. Put the shapes were you want and trace the border with a dark pencil or a pen. Repeat this step to create the composition you want. These first shapes are painted carefully with a flat brush and yellow acrylic paint. It dries in few minutes and then, if you want you can add a new layer of paint.

Now we are going to create some new shapes: some beams. For that, we delimitate the shapes use masking tape, just leaving the parts that are going to be painted uncovered. Put some with and pink acrylic paint on a palette (or cardboard that you can use as palette). Don't mix the colours, just put them next to each other. Dip a sponge on the paint, taking both colours. Press the sponge on the surface you want to cover, don't drag, just do little taps to create a beautiful mix of the colours. Wait some minuted and when it's dry, remove the masking tape.

To finish, put a cloth on the painted surface and iron. The heat fixes the paint to the fabric. Et voilà! New cool garment on your wardrobe.

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  • Amy Amy on May 24, 2021

    I love it! Great job! I will try this with my Jean jacket.

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Jun 02, 2021

    Cute! I don't have an iron (gasp). Would a steamer work to set the paint?