5 Polymer Clay Textures You Can Create Using Household Items

by MyVian
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In this DIY, I’m going to show you five polymer clay textures you can make using everyday household items. I did a previous tutorial on polymer clay texture ideas, but now I have more. Polymer clay is so fun to mold and create things with, and here we’re going to be using unexpected items to make gorgeous patterned effects.

Tools and materials:

  • Polymer clay
  • Acrylic roller
  • Hex key
  • Plant pots
  • Cornstarch
  • Alcohol ink
  • Pigment powder
  • Torx socket set
  • Screw
  • Cutters
  • Bandage

Texture 1 - Hex key

Using a hex key to create a texture

Roll your polymer clay flat. Then take a hex key (also known as an Allen key) and press it into the clay, leaving a small gap between each press. 

Honeycomb-style texture on polymer clay

Repeat along the whole piece of clay, leaving the same space gap in between each time. This will create a wonderful hexagonal, honeycomb-looking effect.

Honeycomb polymer clay earrings

You can turn this clay into honeycomb earrings.

Texture 2 - Flowerpot

Textured plant pots

If you have textured pots for your plants, you can also use the textures for your polymer clay.

Rubbing clay onto cornstrack

Step 1 - Rub clay with cornstarch

If you are worried that the clay might stick to the pots, first sprinkle a little bit of cornstarch onto it and rub it in.

Pressing clay onto the plant pot

Step 2 - Press clay onto pot

Next, simply take your piece of flat clay and press it against your textured plant pot. You can also roll the pot over the piece of clay and press down on it to get some clear indentations.

How to create textures in polymer clay

Here is how the clay now looks. 

Dyeing the clay with alcohol inks and pigment powders

Step 3 - Dye the clay

I added alcohol inks and pigment powders to color the clay and achieve an interesting look. A great way to spread the ink around on the clay is by blowing through a straw.

Textured polymer clay earrings

Here are the finished plant pot textured earrings.

Texture 3 - Torx socket set

Using a stamp set to create textures

A set like this is your goldmine for various tiny “stamps.” 

Using a Torx head to create a pattern

Choose a Torx head and press it into the clay, leaving the same space in between each press for an even-looking pattern.

Textured polymer clay piece

Here is the finished look.

Polymer clay earrings with an interesting texture

And here is the clay transformed into a cute pair of earrings.

Texture 4 - Screw

Rolling a screw across polymer clay to create neat lines

Take a long screw, place it horizontally on the clay and roll it along. This will create nice neat lines.

Minimalistic polymer clay earrings

The screw creates a very simple and minimalistic design.

Texture 5 - Bandage

Using a bandage to create texture on polymer clay

Stretch out a bandage over a piece of clay and press it onto the clay to make an imprint. Make sure that you are just pressing the bandage and aren’t leaving finger marks. 

Creating texture with household objects

You can also take your acrylic roller and roll that over the bandage as well.

Creating a pattern in polymer clay

A small pattern like this is great for backgrounds.

Bonus: bandage for snakeskin

Using a bandage to create snakeskin texture

If you would like to create a snake as part of your design, all you need to do is roll your clay thin, place the bandage over the top and pinch it to make the imprint on the clay. Do this all along the piece of clay.

Realistic snakeskin texture on polymer clay

There you have a realistic-looking snake that you can incorporate into an earring design.

DIY snake polymer clay earrings

Here I curled the snake up and added pigment powder to achieve the mystical snake coloring.

Polymer clay textures

Polymer clay textures

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make interesting textures on your polymer clay using everyday objects that you can easily find around the house.

Polymer clay is so malleable and versatile, and there are so many wonderful designs that you can make with it. Why not see what other fun textures you can create using household objects?

Suggested materials:
  • Polymer clay
  • Acrylic roller
  • Hex key
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