Make Your Own DIY Keychain - Macrame Mermaid Tail Keyring

by Ruveyda
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15 Minutes

Hello DIYers!

This macrame project is about macrame mermaid tail keychain. Mermaid keychain is also called fish keyring, mermaid key holder or key fob.

There are almost everything what you need to make keychain in this post. Step by step video tutorial, free patterns images, which types of knot you will use, what size macrame cord for keychains, macramé keychain kit, some keychain prices on Etsy or Amazon.

Let’s get started!

Supplies for Macrame Tail Keyring

You can choose my macrame keychain kit to make 3 models of keychains. This kit includes Spiral, Wristlet and Mermaid.

Or you can buy the fundamental supplies are 3mm or 4mm cotton cord and

1 clasp (aff link)

Tools you need: scissors, comb, tape measure, tape.

Macrame Knot Types to Make This Project

You can make mermaid tail key ring with just 3 knot types:

If you don’t know basic knot types, you can learn with our step by step macramé knot tutorial. You will practice with Double Half Hitch knot while doing this project. This knot type is the basic knots of macramé.

Video Tutorial for 3 Keychains

Free macrame mermaid tail keychain tutorial with image patterns

  1. Cut your cords with this length

  • Suggested materials:
    • Macraming 3 Keychains Kit   (

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