Boho Wrap Bracelet

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2 Hours
This boho wrap bracelet is a bit more complicated to make than simply stringing beads onto a cord, but the time it takes to learn it is totally worth it. This bracelet is so adorable and has such a sweet free-spirited flavor. Once you make your first one, the process will become much easier, and you are on your way to making hoards of them for friends. Because your friends will want one. Trust me.
To begin, cut a piece of leather cording 60 inches long. Fold in half and tie a knot (big enough to fit over your button) in the folded end.
Next, thread a small needle with a long strand of bead weaving thread; knot the end. Insert it through the knot to secure it.
Begin using an “under-over” weaving motion (as shown below) for about 8 to 10 times. I use a clipboard to keep the bracelet secure.
Now you are ready to begin adding beads. Use the same “under-over” technique. Go under one leather side with the needle, insert it through the bead, then go over the other leather side. Bring the needle back under that same side (tightening the thread and keeping it snug), run needle through the same bead a second time, then over the other leather side. Pull the thread tightly before adding another bead. Continue adding beads in this fashion, keeping the thread snug throughout. Weaving the first few beads is the hardest; the process becomes easier as you continue.
Once you reach the desired length, again weave under and over several times (without beads) to secure the end of the bracelet (as shown below). Next add a button by threading one end of the leather cording through its holes. Tie a knot to secure it, and trim ends. 
Throughout the weaving, you may run out of thread. Create a knot and trim the ends. Then rethread your needle and keep going. It is also important to test your needle size before beginning. Make sure the needle easily fits through the beads you are using.
Suggested materials:
  • 2 mm leather cording, 60 inches in length   (Amazon)
  • Bead weaving thread   (Amazon)
  • Small sewing needle   (JOANN fabric)
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