Christmas Wreath Charms

I just love charms, especially Christmas ones. Why not whip up some of these cute Christmas Wreaths to add to some earrings or a necklace.

If you would like to see more Christmas Charms check out this video.


20mm Round Drop x2

6mm Faceted Crystal Glass Beads x10

6mm Vacuum Bead x10

6mm Wrapped Filigree Charm x2

26 Gauge Wire x60cm


Cut a piece of 26 gauge wire about 30cm long. Put it through the loop of the drop and wrap the short end around four times ending on the back. Push the loops together so that they sit nice and tight.

Trim the wire on the back using the flush side of your cutters and push down any ends.

Add a green bead. Make a little space between the wraps and the bead and bend the wire so that bead sits against the ring of the drop.

Feed the wire through the ring and wrap three times around the ring. Push the wraps up close to the bead.

Alternate red and green beads wrapping three times between beads until you have all the beads in place. You may have to reposition the beads to make them all fit.

Add the last bead and wrap the wire around four times ensuring the wraps sit between the bead and the connector part of the loop. End the wrap on the back. Trim off the wire and push down any ends.

Now you can attach the charm to your project.

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