4 Ways to Create Super Cute, Custom Wristbands

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Hey, guys! Today, I’m going to show you how to make custom wristbands for personalized gifts for your friends and your family, and it’s so easy! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Wristbands 
  • Wristband hole punching kit 
  • Yarn or cord
  • Plastic wire
  • Charms
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Pliers

Style 1: Punching holes

Planning out the lettering

1. Mark the letters on paper 

If this is your first time making these wristbands, you should color in the letters you want to use on the paper before you punch any holes to avoid mistakes. 

Your name wristband

2. Wrap the wristband around the card 

Turn the wristband inside out, and wrap it around the punch card. The card and tool should be included in the package.

Punching out the holes

3. Punch the holes

Align your wristband with your filled-out sheet, and punch out the holes by following the design you made with the included tool.

Custom wristbands

Here’s one of the finished personalized wristbands! 

Style 2: Highlight letters

Punching out the letters

1. Punch the letters into your wristband

First, punch your customized letters on the band as shown in the previous style. 

Threading through the holes

2. Thread cord/yarn through the holes

Next, choose any cord or yarn to highlight the letters. Then, use a yarn needle to thread the yarn or cord through the holes.

Knotting the yarn

3. Tie off

Tie a knot after you go through the last hole.

Cutting off excess yarn

Snip off the extra yarn.

Personalized wristband

Here’s the finished wristband! This style is another great one for a your name wristband.

Style 3: Glass seed beads

Punching holes

1. Punch holes

For this one, we’re going to be attaching glass seed beads in a flower shape on the band. To achieve this look, punch your holes in this formation.

Threading a wire

2. Thread a wire

Attach the bead to the band by using the yarn needle to thread a wire through your desired hole from underneath the band. 

Adding beads to the wire

3. Slide on the bead

Slide the bead onto the wire, and then pull the wire back through the same hole. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each hole and bead.

Cutting off excess wire

4. Tie off

Once you’re finished adding the beads, turn the band inside out and tie a knot, then cut off the excess wire.

Custom rubber wristband

5. Repeat

Repeat the above steps until you’re satisfied with your design. I added five flowers to mine.

Custom silicone wristband

Here’s the finished custom silicone wristband!

Style 4: Charms

Punching holes

1. Punch holes

Punch two holes close together. You’ll need two holes for each charm. 

Attaching the jump rings

2. Attach the jump rings

Attach one jump ring so an end goes through both holes. 

Custom wristband

Attach the second jump ring to the first, closing the first ring but leaving the second open for the charm.

Adding charms to the jump ring

3. Connect the charm

Connect the charm to the second jump ring, and close it with the pliers. 

Personalized wristband

4. Repeat

Attach as many charms as you like!

Custom wristband

Here’s the finished wristband!

Custom Wristbands Tutorial

These custom rubber wristbands are so cute and easy to personalize as gifts for the people you love! Let me know down below which one is your favorite! 

Suggested materials:
  • Wristbands
  • Wristband hole punching kit
  • Yarn or cord
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