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Making jewelry is a great way to access creativity and promote individuality. The Girl Scouts Jeweler badge is for Juniors but making jewelry is for all of the ages and stages of development. Working with metal and jewelry supplies is such a great project for kids. I love this one so much because it reinforces the Girl Scout Law in such a fantastic way. My girls started with embroidery floss making friendship bracelets as Brownies. This hand stamped jewelry for Girl Scouts was created with ImpressArt stamps and stamping blanks. Lets do some Girl Scout Jewelry Making!

Materials and Supplies Needed

There are TONS of fun stamps that you can choose from. Our troop voted and selected Newsprint. I love their choice. If you don’t have any of the supplies or tools, here is a great starter set.

There are stamps with letters, numbers and doodles too. Different letters comes in different sizes. They are not inexpensive so be sure to think this all through before purchasing.

Step by Step Directions for Girl Scout Jewelry Making Hand Stamped Pieces

Whether you are making a charm or a bracelet, the steps are pretty much the same. I would say the most important thing is to take your time and be patient. Hand stamping takes a little practice. If you mess up, use that piece to practice before starting on a new blank.

Step One

Choose your blank. I am going to show you the steps to make a bracelet. Put the bracelet blank on the stamping block. If desired, tape it down. Some people like to use tape to create a line on the bracelet to line the letters up. My girls were all okay with the letters being a little wonky.

Step Two

Put a little dab of black paint on the bracelet and rub it into the grooves of the letters with a paper towel, removing all excess paint from surface. This is to make the letters stand out. If you skip this step, over time the letters will darken on their own from wear.

Step Three

Use the bracelet tool to bend the bracelet blank, one side at a time. This will create a cuff bracelet sporting your special message or saying.

Step Four

Wear the bracelet or give it to someone you love as a special gift.

Different Types of Jewelry Pieces

Some of the girls wanted to make charms and others bracelets. I love that they all got a chance to choose what they loved most. How adorable is this charm with the letters for Girl Scouts Colorado?

Doubling up charms on one necklace is a lot of fun too. The girl who made this “I Will Do My Best” is an absolute doll. This is the start to the Girl Scout law. I couldn’t love this more.

Suggested materials:
  • Stamps   (ImpressArt)
  • Blanks   (ImpressArt)

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