How to Make a Quick and Easy Name Bead Key Chain

Stacy Davis
by Stacy Davis
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5 Minutes

I love making these personalized key chains. They make great gifts, as well as, stocking stuffers. They are so simple. This will probably only take you five minutes to make from start to finish.

Pick out your beads…

Set down your pattern… I really wanted to incorporate those bubble gum beads but I couldn’t get them to look like right. I’ll have to make something else with them. Maybe a bangle bracelet keychain.. would anyone like a tutorial for that?

Measure how long your design is.

I am using elastic cord because I find it easier to work with and stronger than the clear elastic. You want it double the length of your design with a little extra for knotting at the end. You would rather have too much, rather than not enough.

Feed your elastic through like this.

Now bring the tails through

It should look like this.

Slide you design onto the elastic.

Now you are ready to knot the end.

This is the trickiest part. You want to pull the elastic slightly to have a snug fit but if you pull too hard, it won’t lay straight. Luckily, you can always unknot it and try again.

Next I snip off the excess elastic.

Use a lighter to seal the elastic ends.

The ends are actually fine like this but I found an easy cheap way to make the just a smidge nicer.

Dollar Tree finger nail polish.

I think it adds a nice finished look to ends.

Here is the finished product.

What would your keychain say?

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