How to Make Beaded Friendship Bracelets

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Making friendship bracelets is a timeless activity that kids love to do. Learn how to make beaded friendship bracelets with alphabet beads and cord. These bracelets make a great summer camp activity, playdate craft or just a fun piece of jewelry for kids to make with their BFF’s.

Raise your hand if you made friendship bracelets when you were a kid! One of my favorite pastimes when I was in middle school was making dozens and dozens of bracelets out of all sorts of materials like beads and embroidery floss. I would wear them of give them my friends as presents.

These beaded bracelets are a fun activity if you’re stuck in the house on a rainy day or you’re bored during the long summer months. Learn how to make a beaded friendship bracelet with this simple tutorial and you can express yourself with your cute bling!

Materials needed for beaded friendship bracelets

  • 6/0 glass seed beads
  • White alphabet round beads
  • Bead needle
  • .5 mm elasticity stretch bead cord
  • E6000 glue
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Scissors


1. Cut a piece of elastic cord about 9” in length, tie a loose knot on one end, and attach the other end to the bead needle.

2. Look at the size chart and lay out your beads on the table next to the ruler in the order you want them to lay. This way you if you have a name you’d like in the center like besties, you know it will be even on both sides.

3. Use your bead needle to easily pick up the beads and slide them on your cord.

4. Once all beads are on the cord in the correct order, take the two ends of the cord, and tie a elastic cord knot (see photo 6) close to the beads and pull tight.

5. Follow the directions of the e6000 glue, dab the knot into the glue, and let dry. This step will prevent the beads from falling off if stretched on too big of a wrist.

Size guide:

  • XS – 6.25”
  • S- 6.50”
  • M- 6.75”
  • L- 7”
  • XL- 7.25”

It’s easy and kids will love to get together with their friends and make these cute bracelets. Heck, I think I’d like to have some for myself!

Suggested materials:
  • Elastic   (Craft store)
  • Alphabet beads   (Craft store)
  • Seed beads   (Craft store)
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