5 Cute Square Knot Friendship Bracelet Ideas With Beads & Chains

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In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you five different square knot friendship bracelet designs. First, I advise you to watch my other video on how to tie a square knot, as it’s easier to see than to describe in words. Then, we can have fun making DIY square knot stackable beaded bracelets together.

Tools and materials:

  • Waxed cotton cord (black and white)
  • Different beads
  • Short piece of chain
  • Glue or nail polish
  • Clipboard and clips
  • Scissors
How to make square knot friendship bracelets

Square knot friendship bracelet 1

1. Set up the clipboard

Clip a piece of waxed cord onto a clipboard, as above.

Making a square knot macrame bracelet

2. Make square knots

Fold the second piece of waxed cord in half, then place it behind the clipped piece. Start making square knots until you have almost an inch.

Square knot bracelet with beads

3. Add beads

Thread a studded bead onto the clipped piece of wax cord. 

Square knot bracelet tutorial

4. Create the design

Make two more square knots, followed by another bead. Repeat five more times to create the design, then finish the other end with an inch of square knots.

Cutting the end of the cords

5. Cut the ends

Cut the ends of the two pieces of cord used to make the macrame design, but leave the clipped middle one long, as you’ll need this to finish the bracelet.

How to make a sliding closure

6. Make a sliding closure

Clip the two ends of the bracelet together, as shown above.

Making square knots on the closure

Place a second piece of cord behind and make square knots.

Cutting off the excess cord pieces

Cut the excess cord.

Applying glue to the cord ends

7. Apply glue

Add a tiny drop of glue to finish the ends. You could also use nail polish.

Finishing the ends with beads and knots

8. Finish the ends

Finish the ends with two small beads and a simple knot, as shown.

Studded square knot friendship bracelet

Here’s the finished studded square knot friendship bracelet. This one is really simple to make and looks really good. I love the edgy biker vibes.

How to make a square knot macrame bracelet

Square knot friendship bracelet 2

1. Set up

For the second square knot bracelet, the steps are pretty much the same as the first. But this time, every time you make a knot, add a bead.

How to make a square knot bracelet with beads

2. Make square knots with beads

Start with two square knots. Thread a bead onto the left cord, then cross that cord over the middle to knot. Repeat with the right side, then alternate to create the design. Finish with two square knots.

How to tie a square knot bracelet

3. Make a sliding closure

Make the same sliding closure as the first design.

DIY square knot stackable beaded bracelets

This square knot bracelet with beads looks really intricate and delicate. The white cord with the light-colored beads is really feminine - the exact opposite of the first design, which shows how you can use the same technique to create something completely different.

Chain square knot friendship bracelet

Square knot friendship bracelet 3

1. Clip the chain

Set up in the same way as before, but this time clip a short piece of chain to the top of the clipboard and thread the wax cord through it.

Making square knots on the chain

2. Make square knots

Take the second piece of cord and start making three knots. You’ll need about 1.2 inches.

Square knot macrame bracelet tutorial

3. Flip the cord

Flip the cord and repeat on the other side.

Finishing the bracelet with a sliding closure

4. Finish the bracelet

Finish with a sliding closure and add some beads to the ends.

Square knot friendship bracelet with a chain

This square knot macrame bracelet actually looks really mature and adult. It’s very simple and versatile, so would go with pretty much any outfit. 

Threading beads onto the cord

Square knot friendship bracelet 4

1. Set up and start making square knots

This design is very similar to the second one. Start by making square knots. Then, thread small beads onto each of the three strands of cord.

Making macrame bracelets

2. Create the design

Leave the beads loose, then make two square knots. Repeat to create the design.

How to finish a macrame bracelet

3. Finish the bracelet

Finish the bracelet with the sliding closure.

Beaded square knot friendship bracelet

Here’s the finished square knot macrame bracelet. You can use all the same color beads, mix two colors together as I did, or create a multi-color pattern, depending on what you prefer.

Making square knots on one side

Square knot friendship bracelet 5

1. Make square knots on one side

For the final bracelet, set up the same. This time, when you’re making square knots, make them all on one side. This will create a slightly different effect.

Adding beads into a macrame bracelet

2. Add beads

Once you have about 0.8 inches, thread a bead onto the middle strand of cord and secure it with a square knot. Repeat to create the design.

Macrame bracelet with beads

3. Finish the bracelet

Make the sliding closure and add small beads to the cord ends.

Easy square knot friendship bracelet

This is a super-simple way to create a square knot friendship bracelet with beads.

Square knot friendship bracelet ideas

Square knot friendship bracelet tutorial

These DIY square knot macrame bracelets are great as stackable friendship bracelets. You can wear them all or hand them out to your friends.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial in the comments below and be sure to tell me which design is your favorite.

Suggested materials:
  • Waxed cotton cord (black and white)
  • Different beads
  • Short piece of chain
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