How to Create a Vintage Brooch Pin From Recycled Crockery

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
3 Materials
1 Hour

I just love to repurpose old crockery and discarded vintage ceramic into lovely one of a kind jewellery. Apart from the stopping so much going into landfill the creations are so unique and pretty durable keepsakes.

Old crockery

Vintage ceramics are so delightful and varied so many designs to choose from!

I use wheeled tile nippers to cut the ceramic into smaller pieces. These are so easy to use. Safety goggles is a must.

Cutting crockery

I like the floral and patterns and decide on a few shapes to nibble and cut with tile cutters. Then it’s time to shape and smooth the edges with a rotary hand drill using a carbide stone to smooth all the rough bits.

Smoothing the edges

When I’m happy with shape and edges it’s time to also rough up a little patch on the back of the ceramic ready to glue the brooch pin firmly. This helps with sticking securely.

Preparing the back

The two part epoxy resin is made up and spread evenly to the brooch pin. Then onto the back of brooch and I push gently into central horizontal place. Making sure that the piece is going to lay in correct position from the front design .

Brooch pins
Glued into place

I let this dry for 30 mins and then hey it’s ready to wear proudly!

Brooch pin
Rose Brooch pin
Suggested materials:
  • Rotary hand drill sander   (Amazon)
  • Epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)
  • Wheeled tile nippers   (Amazon)

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